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    Withdrawn 1992 Marin Team Marin

    With a lot of regret I’ve got to reduce my bike count as I’m losing some storage space so up for sale is my 19 inch Marin Team Marin with the Tange ribbed down tube. All tubes are dent free. build link is here. It’s pretty much as...
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    1990 Kona Explosif help please

    My latest toy,a 1990 Explosif (stamped 89though) is stripped down and in need of a couple of bits and some new paint. Firstly a new seat post as the one fitted was too small. I think it should be 26.6 can anyone confirm this please? Secondly, I’m going to splatter paint it. Should I be...
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    1990 Kona Explosif now completed

    Just got hold of a 1990 Explosif on eBay. Not too far from me and a cheeky offer accepted. Frame and forks looks in very good condition except for the colour. Parts don’t seem too good but I didn’t buy it for the parts. I’ll have a good look at it over the weekend and stick some pictures up too...
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    Marin pro combo tyre amberwall

    I had a stick rip into the sidewall of my rear tyre on my ride today so need to replace it. Anyone got one or even a pair available at all please?
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    A Kurious Oranj

    First of all apologies for the Fall/Mark E Smith reference. I bought this in August on eBay from a retrobike member and I know it’s done the rounds on here over the last few years with people suggesting it could be a Kona Explosif but the only thing I’m sure of with it is that it’s not a Kona...
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    Crown race question

    Do crown races come in different sizes to suit different bearing size? I fitted a Kona threaded headset which has 1/4 bearings in the bottom. Should a standard crown race fit or do I need one specific for 1/4 bearings ?
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    1 1/8 quill stem. Velocity/Tioga/ marin - now sorted

    I need a quill stem for a project I’m working on. Built of spares in the garage so not after anything too decent and I’ll probably spray it. I’ll need something with cable stop/guide for canti’s though and preferably with a bit of rise but I’m not too fussy.
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    Left hand bottom bracket cup - now sorted

    English thread for square taper 68mm shell. Anybody have one sitting around please?
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    Left hand bottom bracket cup

    English thread for square taper 68mm shell. Anybody have one sitting around please?
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    MAVIC m261 or 231 now sorted

    I’m after a Wheel or rim 32 or 36 hole please. Unless it’s on an xt 730/2 hub it’s getting rebuilt anyhow so not too fussy as long as it’s in decent nick and has plenty of life left in it.
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    kona impact crown race 1 1/8 and Sugino Mighty 900 crank

    Anyone got either for sale?
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    seized pivot bolt on XTR m900 rear deraillieur

    After part stripping down my recently aquired Kona Explosif i have reached a stand off with the rear mech which although free in the hanger is not moving as the pivot bolt is totally seized. DOes anyone have any tips on how to get it out without ruining it please? I can drill it out if need be...
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    Ti bars identification

    The came on my recent eBay purchase but I’m clueless when it comes to titanium. Decals are worn so any help identifying them would be appreciated.
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    Kona project 2 threaded forks- now sorted

    I’m after a set of 1/18 threaded p2’s 395 a/c with steerer around 160mm ish to fit 19 inch frame. TB would be great but not a deal breaker. condition of the paint isn’t too important as they will be getting a repaint.
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    1993 Kona Explosif New Project

    I had a 320 mile round trip yesterday to collect my latest eBay purchase. It’s a 93 Kona Explosif 19 inch. I sold my last Explosif a few months back and needed a, a new project and b, a new Kona so it sort of ticks the boxes. It’s been someone’s pride and joy at sometime and had some decent...
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    Campagnolo qs10 speed ergo part

    Hi ladies and gents, I hope someone can help please. I am after a cable spool for a right hand 10 speed Qs ergo lever. It’s the black plastic part that the cable threads through and has teeth that hit the shifter button to stop over shifting. The teeth have worn on the one I have but the rest...
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    1992 Explosif and Kili Racer

    I’ve just listed two of my bikes on EBay. Both 20 inch. If anyone on here is interested then feel free to pm Me.
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    Xtr m900 drive side 175 mm crank arm

    As title suggests just the drive side crank arm needed.
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    Spares clear out

    I’ve had a bit of a clear up in the garage and have loads of stuff that I won’t use so it’s listed for sale. All prices will include postage. PayPal gift please or add 5% if you’d rather. Prices will be lower if you want to collect from Coventry or Northampton. I’ll combine post if you’re after...
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    Cable liner for 2mm cables

    Does anyone have an idea where you can get any cable liner for the exposed cables along the top tubes. There’s some in ebay for modern cables up to 1.6mm but I don’t think it’ll work on 2mm cables. Any suggestions are welcome.