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    Trek 950 Singletrack

    I picked this one up last year, intending to use it as a parts donor for another bike. I ended up using some other parts for the other bike, and the Trek is actually pretty cool with the lugged, US built frame. Plus I needed something decent to ride at my summer house. So I made an Easter...
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    1998 Schwinn Moab 1

    This year's winter bike. I bought it from the original owner yesterday. I've just replaced the saddle with a Flite ti, and flipped the stem. Much better!
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    Name my frame / Is this anything?

    I picked up this spray bomb victim for the parts earlier this year. It's quite light, and seems to be of decent quality. So I'm wondering if it's anything...
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    1998-99 DK cruiser

    I picked this one up recently. Mainly because of the red Crupi high flange hubs, which go for the same amount on ebay as I paid for the whole bike. Just after I picked it up It cleaned up quite nicely
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    1994 Wheeler 9800

    I picked up this frame a few weeks ago, and finally built it up today with some blue bits from a Barracuda which turned out to be too large for me (sold the frame), and stuff from my parts stash. Plus new tyres and grips.
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    1995 Barracuda XX Team (work in progress)

    I spent the afternoon working on my Barracuda. It went from this: To this: It still needs a bit of work done to it and a few parts, but at least it's rideable now. Out for a test ride: And a well deserved beer
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    What did I buy / is this anything?

    I just bought this mid 90's looking, rather chunky aluminium bike to use as a bad weather commuter. I mainly got it because it was cheap, and came with some decent parts - LX drivetrain, Onza brakes with Avid SD2 levers, Shimano Parallax hubs/Bontrager Maverick rims. But I thought it would be...
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    1995 Sunn Vertik 2 - 'Tis a new bike on page 4

    I've had this bike since '99 when i bought it from my sister who got it new in '95. It's had a hard life as I rode it daily all year round until a few years ago, when it started to show severe signs of age (some surface rust, worn out crank bearings/groupset etc.). So a couple of months ago I...