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  1. Mortonm

    1994 Brodie Sovereign - DeKerf Paintjob

    Recently acquired this by way of trade. 1994 Sovereign (18" frame, a size smaller than I normally ride). Ritchey logic tubing with prestige ultimate ultralight stays. The frame was repainted by Chris DeKerf and hung in a Vancouver shop for years as advertisement for his custom paint jobs, at...
  2. Mortonm

    Swap 1994 18" Brodie Sovereign - Repainted by DeKerf

    Handmade in Canada, the soverign was their top of the line race bike in 94. A mix of tange pretisge ultimate tubing. Professionally repainted by Chris DeKerf somewhat recently. Still in amazing shape with the odd chip. I am about to build this up but I know it's an inch too small for me. I...
  3. Mortonm

    1996 Kona Hei Hei - The First King Kahuna

    This was a bit of a roller coaster acquisition. I first saw this on marketplace back in May. Around 3 hours from me. Price was fairly high but the bike was largely shimano M960. So a lot of the parts were not that interesting to me. I offered to buy the frame only but to no avail and I let it...
  4. Mortonm

    Wanted ControlTech Stem

    I am looking for a control tech stem preferably 100m, but 110 or 120 would do as well. Silver 0 or near 0 rise
  5. Mortonm

    1997 Kona Explosif

    Something wicked this way comes... I do not have the bike yet, its coming across Canada, hopefully here in a week or so. It is a 19" frame and appears to be in immaculate condition, but I will have to wait and see on its arrival. He was the original owner, so that is nice. The cranks will...
  6. Mortonm

    For Sale Fork Swap ? 1995 TB P2

    I have some 1995 P2 forks in great shape. I think they are for a 16 or 17 in frame. anyone want to do a swap ? I need something that fits a 19" frame. Sepxfixally 1995 threaded or I would consider 1997 or 1998 threadless too. I believe the steerer on mine is 145mm I can measure when...
  7. Mortonm

    Magura HS22 Hydraulic Rim Brakes

    In good condition, a bit of surface rust on the rear brake brace. Needs a new olive for the rear brake (at the lever). I had to cut the tubing to pull it off the frame as it was factory fitted (1996 Rocky Mountain Vertex). Otherwise it has all the fittings and mounts to go with it, they were...
  8. Mortonm

    Kona Project 2 - 1 1/8 Threadless - 410 AC - 8.5" Steer Tube

    Looking for a Project 2 fork for my 1995 Explosif, so looking for something threadless, 1 1/8, the larger 410 A-C and a pretty tall steer tube, its a 19" frame. Definitely over 8"
  9. Mortonm

    1995 Kona Explosif

    I just picked this up yesterday, the frame (19") is actually in really good shape, the only major damage is unforunately cable rub on the head tube! It was done in a resto mod fashion with a 3x9 system and sram x9 rear mech and x0 grip shifters (the horror!). It also has some Kona DH riser...
  10. Mortonm

    1990 Kona Explosif Custom

    I picked this up a week ago, and posted up a thread in the general discussion section to determine what it was. General consensus on here and on facebook groups is that it is a 1990 Explosif custom (custom paint anyways) I have been really torn on what to do with this bike. Part of me wants...
  11. Mortonm

    Early 90s Frame ID - Kona ?

    I just picked this up (in my brothers possession) Anyone have an idea ? The seller thought Kona or Brodie but both said no based on the serial number, but we all know that can be tricky business. T9000K39 It looks early 90s to me, has a suntour XC pro headset and derailleur. But no idea if...
  12. Mortonm

    70mm Stem - 25.4 clamp

    Anyone have a 70mm threadless stem ? Looking for one for my Kona Kilauea Not super picky on brand, would prefer silver in colour but would consider others too
  13. Mortonm

    1988 -> 1992 Bianchi Super Grizzly

    I believe this is a 1988, the frame serial number has an 88 in it anyways. Can anyone confirm or deny ? LS886093 I am not familiar with the Bisnchi stuff. Can anyone give eme some information on this thing ? It is about an 18" frame. Tange fork and double butted frame. Has an XT headset...
  14. Mortonm

    1988 Bianchi Super Grizzly

    I believe this is a 1988, the frame serial number has an 88 in it anyways. LS886093 I am not familiar with the Bisnchi stuff. Can anyone give eme some information on this thing ? It is about an 18" frame. Tange fork and double butted frame. Has an XT headset and bottom bracket. The...
  15. Mortonm

    Which Wheelset and brakes for my Project?

    I am rebuilding a 1997 Canadian Raleigh Avalanche that I have had since a kid. Cromo frame, made in Canada, nothing special but sentimental. The wheelset that came on it was a Vuelta Airline 1 with shimano STX hubs. I have a donor bike that I'm co suffering taking some parts off of (97 lava...
  16. Mortonm

    1997 Kona Kilauea - Special Edition ?

    I saw a few threads on here that this was a mid year release for North America and fairly rare ? Can anyone help me on information? Are the parts all original? I guess I am looking for general info on the frame and the bike from all you experts. XT shifters and rear derailleur. LX front...
  17. Mortonm

    Kona - 1995 Cinder Cone vs 1995 Lava Dome

    I have a 95 lava dome (18" frame) in great shape except it's missing the original steam and seat post. STX kit and it runs great. I just brought home tonight a 95 cinder cone (16" frame) for the stem and maybe the seat post if IRS long enough. The components on the cinder cone are higher...
  18. Mortonm

    Kona 1993 vs 1995 Velocity Stem.

    I have a 1995 Lava Dome that I purchased a month ago in great shape. Unfortunately someone removed the original velocity stem for a shorter steeper version. To make the bike fit a smaller person I assume. I am currently running a zoom stemboff a mid 90s Canadian Raleigh. Today I purchased a...