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    Have a look at Then if that works / looks Ok there is the mobile version to which you down load maps to your device, all free. I have used it all over including Spain and next week France Android only afaik OsnAnd
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    Front Mech suit M737 rear 28.6 bp & 9sp cass 12-28

    Hi all, Thats about it thanks. Paypal and bank transfer awaits.
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    SR Racing - Dura Ace AX

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    Octalink compatibility.

    Out in a pub garden at the moment, but Sheldon is your friend. They are different enough not be interchangeable.
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    Octalink compatibility. ... onents.pdf
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    Octalink compatibility.

    yes you need V2 which is the deep one DAMHIK But I have one, new 118mm for triple which you can have for £12 to you
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    Phone wanted to work on 3

    White Iphone4 8gb + cable VGC £150 posted?
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    My old dads old Road Ace.

    Richard, Graphics and shifters definitely point to 83 and 600AX - however looking at first picture the chain stay has a braze on for outer cable stop which the 600AX never needed or had. Transition and last of the line?
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    Dyna-tech MT5 Metal Matrix frame *SOLD*

    Re: Dyna-tech MT5 Metal Matrix frame It will not be too big at that size for you. Some nice Pace forks would go perfect with it. That frame is a one off colour scheme done for the original owner by RSP. Lovely supple ride, light as and a recommended buy.
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    91 Orange Prestige FINISHED

    Congratulations, good job on it.
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    which groupset for vitus 979 in mountains

    I have M730 hub converted to 8speed in the rear of my Alan (same / very similar) and built the rest up with M730 / 735 and bar end shifters.
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    WTD Orange C16 R or Prestige 19" frame and stem only ... ght=orange
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    Silver 26.6 seatpost; low-end ok!

    A search is always worthwhile, however i'll do one for you. ... 24#1672524
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    drop bar Magura levers

    Oh I see now, have looked properly. Drop me a pm with price. it would be levers only but mat take all.
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    drop bar Magura levers

    ciao, I was looking for the hydraulic, (oil ) brake levers. Thanks though
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    Groupsets, Frames, Wheels....

    You should be leaving prices and parts up on the sold items.
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    Project 2 forks for a 92 explosif SORTED ... light=kona
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    You can do this with You will have to copy the ride manually on to their map then you can save as a .tcx or .gpx which can then be uploaded
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    Dura Ace 7700 9 Speed Chainset, Brakes, mechs

    I have NOS 7303 chainset, and good mechs if triple floats your boat.
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    Cheap 26.8 seatpost

    I shall bring your attention to this post ... 24#1672524