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    SUNTOUR XC PRO - NOS and Used Brakes / Pedals / Spares

    Mix of Suntour XC Pro Parts. All prices exclude postage and more photos on request! Used XC Pro Pedals. Gold cages. Good but used condition. Some wear as can be seen. Stickers mostly worn. £95 plus shipping NOS Suntour XC Pro SE Cantilever Brake set Some storage wear but in nice condition...
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    Specialized Ground Controls

    Anyone got a mint / NOS set of these tyres - circa 1990-1992 vintage. I’ve got a decent set but not quite perfect!
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    XT - Black chainrings or chainset, black brakes, skewers

    Hi Looking for Nice condition / mint XT parts circa 1990-93: - Black chainrings or chainset - 734 black calipers (low profile) - SORTED - skewer - seat clamp Thanks! Matthew
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    Various - Ti Bolts / fixings

    After some ti bolts to fit XC Pro, but guessing generic enough as follows: - Rear Mech cable fixing bolt - short - Fr mech clamp and cable fixing bolt - Brake lever clamp bolt x2 - Thumbshifter clamp bolt x2 - Suntour XC Pro brake cable hanger - cone/dome bolt
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    XC PRO parts and wheel set

    After the following in decent or NOS condition: - xc pro chain rings or chain set - pre micro drive - must be mint - xc pro - pedals or cage - must be be mint - an XC Pro - pre microdrive wheels set - silver rims (mavic, sun or campag) - circa 1991-2. What you got?!?
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    Ringle Ti Stix seatpost skewer

    After a decent / mint / NOS black ti stix seatpost skewer. Thanks!
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    Campag or Sun Rims or XT wheelset

    Hi Looking for a minty/decent set of Early 90s Campag or Sun rims. Would also consider a wheelset if built on m730/732 hubs. Wish me luck!
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    USE Sumo XCR Carbon Shokpost - 27.2

    Decent condition 27.2 Use seatpost. Carbon finish sprung post. Fitting marks showing. Nice all round. £45 plus postage. More photos available on request!
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    Wtb Rocket V saddle. Good used condition. Chromo rails and comfort zone. Padded etc etc! Photos coming soon! £35 plus postage.
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    Shimano XTR, XT and DX parts

    Mix of used XTR, XT and DX parts. All well used with the odd mark here and there, but in working order. - M650 DX front mech with blue clamp bold - £20 - M734 XT brake caliper fr and rear set. No bolts, pads. - £25 SOLD - M739 XT rear derailleur in nice condition - £30 - SOLD - M953 XTR rear...
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    Kooka Brake Levers - Silver

    Set of nice Kooka Brake Levers in silver. In used condition with the odd mark to the metal work and rubber lever cover. Super light and minimal. V cool! £85 plus postage. Thanks!
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    Klein Quantum Pro - Jade Chameleon

    Very good condition Klein Quantum Pro Fuselage from 1997/1998. Jade Chameleon Green/Purple flip paint. Comes with frame, fork, mc2 stem, Thompson post and seat clamp. 48-53cm seat tube depending how and where you measure from. Minor marks here and there but nothing major for a 20 year old frame...
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    XT or DX wheelset

    Hi Looking for a cheap but decent condition wheelset circa 1990-1994. Wheels must: - run true - hubs not be rough - silver or ceramic coating rim surfaces - mavic or campag rims ideally - XT or DX hubs Thanks
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    Avocet Gelflex Saddle

    Hi Need a mint or NOS Gelflex saddle. Ideally Women’s but will consider anything! Cheers Matthew
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    FIDDLY LITTLE M732/5 XT and M900/910 XTR Parts

    Hoping you can help with... 1. M732/735 Allen pinch bolt thingy that clamps cable to rear mech. 2. M732/735 STI rapid fire shifter plastic casing spare parts - specifically the casing around the gear gubbins stuff 3. M900/910 brake straddle cables (the grail) 4. Mint or NOS m732/735 chain...
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    27.2 Silver seatpost and Women’s Saddle

    Hey Looking for a decent silver seatpost. Ti Syncros would be good but will consider anything. Also looking for a mint or NOS women’s saddle - Avocet Gelflex or similar! What ya got? Thanks!
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    Hi Does anyone either: - know a Surrey based bike shop that has this tool and can thread my fork steerer Or - know anyone who can lend one to me so I can do it?!? Will pay the going hire rate!!! Thanks Matthew
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    Decent 700c Rims or wheel set

    Has anyone got some decent 700c rims or a m900/910 wheel set for a hybrid / cross bike? I’m fed up swapping tyres on the one wheel set and want one set of wheels with cross tyres and the other with slicks!
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    Original Shimano SPD shoes or early Nike Poobah or Axo...

    Looking for some size 9-10 vintage shoes to complete my vintage attire. What you got?!?
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    700c rims or wheelset for cross/hybrid bike

    Has anyone got some decent retro 700c rims or a m900/910 wheel set for a hybrid / cross bike? I’m fed up swapping tyres on the one wheel set and want one set of wheels with cross tyres and the other with slicks! Thanks!