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  1. swonte

    For Sale scott mathauser brake pads/blocks

    How much with shipping to Germany?
  2. swonte

    Sold 1" threaded steerer tube , long

    I am also interested
  3. swonte

    Bike parts clear out, Avid, Sram, Real design, XTR. C king.

    Re: interested in the arch supreme brake set
  4. swonte

    Various Pace 1” steerers, a crown and bits...

    i would take: Pace crown race shim 1” - £6 posted and either Threaded 226mm with 60mm of that threaded £20 posted or Threaded 205mm with 62mm threaded, no circlip £15 posted i will have to take some measurments.
  5. swonte

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium Black Perforated 1994 Sold

    Re: Selle Italia Flite Titanium Black Perforated 1994 yes, interested.
  6. swonte

    For Sale Mostly NOS Small Parts, USE, Rock Shox...

    Re: Small Parts: Turquoise, Titanium, Bolts, Stay-Tuff, Pulleys, interested in the ti crankbolts and both stay tuff chainstay protectors
  7. swonte

    Bontrager ti-lite titanium frame xl

    original seatclamp is missing?
  8. swonte

    SOLD Klein / Merlin pressfit Ti bb spindle 17mm dia x 117mm

    Re: Klein / Merlin etc pressfit Ti bb spindle 17mm dia x 117mm may be interested
  9. swonte

    SRP bolts and pivot SOLD Thanks

    Re: 2nd
  10. swonte

    Masha's Extensive Winterlude MTB COMPONENTS CLEAR OUT!

    i know i am late but is the: - Salsa 1" ahead steel stem 150mm reach (decals in tact, could use re-paint) 6/10 £20 still for sale?
  11. swonte

    Critical racing brakes SOLD

    Re: Critical racing brakes i have an set 3dv tec cantilever brakes, the ones with bearings
  12. swonte

    Forge thumbshifter mounts / shifters

    i would that the Black set, VGC £15 will send you an pm
  13. swonte

    White Industries Titanium Bottom Bracket 68 x 112mm SOLD

    Re: if the price is nice i would buy it.
  14. swonte

    1997 Ibis Hakkalugi Frame and Fork(s) - UPDATED

    Re: 1997 Ibis Hakkalugi Frame and Fork(s) yes, send you an pm
  15. swonte

    20" 1995 Merlin XLM frame and lots of other titanium parts

    Re: i am interessted in the Cook Bros Titanium Spindle Bottom Bracket for £40.00 and, just in case, the flite saddle
  16. swonte

    Various Front Brake Headset & Fork Mounted Cable Hangers

    i am interested in the wtb replica, will send you an pm
  17. swonte

    Big sale of nice stuff

    Re: will send you an pm
  18. swonte

    headcaps gt marin dawes scott bontrager £1.50 each

    Re: headcaps gt marin chris king dawes wtb £1.50 each do the ones in the top row fit 1inch headsets? then i would be interested in the bontrager and the king headcap
  19. swonte

    Rock Shox Judy owners manual/unused Judy butter 1998

    what about the judy butter? is one cup included? might be interested. sören
  20. swonte

    Salsa Pro Moto Roller Stem

    Re: Chris King 1 inch Headset & Salsa Pro Moto Roller Stem i'm the next one lining up for the headset