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  1. mrkawasaki

    PACE RC 200 F2 BB Spec Query

    Anyone happen to know what would be the BB spec/axle length for a 1993 PACE F2 to run a MAVIC Dakar crankset ideally? Thanks.
  2. mrkawasaki

    Swap NOS Boxed Mavic 316/317 for a 315 Headset

    Anyone wish to swap a NOS Boxed Mavic 1 1/8th 316/317 1 1/4" (shown) for a decent used or NOS 315 1" Headset - I'd happily pay postage both ways. Thanks. Neil
  3. mrkawasaki

    Cooks/Curve/TNT/ROOX etc.

    Random clearout of the shed continues here: ... 7675.l2562 More over the weekend.
  4. mrkawasaki

    Swap L Shimano XT SL 700for a R Thumbshifter

    Anyone want to swap, sell a single left or pair of Shimano XT SL 700s??? Not sure how I ended up with a pair of right hands...
  5. mrkawasaki

    Manitou 1 Stanchion Caps - Free

    Found a pair of Manitou 1 stanchion caps - free to good home. PM me if you want them.
  6. mrkawasaki

    Set of Team Ritchey Cards

    Free to good RB home... There are 5 cards in total - all mint and unwritten on. No dibs - just PM me your address please.
  7. mrkawasaki

    For Sale Orange 'Formula' Reynolds 753 Frameset - 60cm

    Curious ‘Orange’ road bike for MTB completists! Huge oneupmanship status guaranteed! Bought secondhand from a bike shop in Halifax many years ago, not identified by anyone at Orange on subsequent enquiry, despite original-looking factory decals and paint. Reynolds 753 tubing - was originally...
  8. mrkawasaki

    Cook Brothers E-Stay

    Well I never... ... 100623.m-1
  9. mrkawasaki

    Dave Yates Diablo

    Lovely, honest fillet brazed Dave Yates Diablo frame - no dents or cracks/a little bit of chain suck. Paint is a bit tired with a scrape or two but the fluro will polish up nicely and dazzle again, methinks. Originally from Neil Walton Cycles in Didsbury, Manchester. Suspect it would be...
  10. mrkawasaki

    Tange Switchblade forks

    Tange Switchblade forks with 1" steerer 150mm steerer with 50mm thread Some signs of surface pitting/paint scabs on one leg Height/direction of legs look to need adjusting in clamps before use Asking £80 posted within the UK.
  11. mrkawasaki

    Answer Accutrax 1 1/8th" Threaded Fork - Litespeed decals

    Answer Accutrax 1 1/8th Inch Threaded Fork - with additional early Litespeed decals (no idea why - wasn't me!). 160mm of steerer and 53mm of thread. Bigger pictures via email - PM me. * NOW REDUCED * Asking £225 posted within UK/Europe - other areas by request.
  12. mrkawasaki

    For Sale 1994-5 Bontrager Race Lite Package

    Very nice Bontrager Race Lite (OR?) frame with serial 1193 - awaiting expert advice on year! Size - to follow (large'ish tho) Frame and Switchblades fork with headset + Bontrager titanium bars + XT shifters/derailleurs + headset and bb + Bontrager saddle + Koski v brakes and levers + new decal...
  13. mrkawasaki

    Suntour or SR Sakae Granny ring 20 teeth 56mm BCD

    As title please.
  14. mrkawasaki

    For Sale '92-94 San Andreas Frame For Sale

    A 1992 to 1994 Mountain Cycles San Andreas frame only for sale - serial 11209. Super early (to the UK at least) model with an unblemished monocoque and a functioning Risse shock. It has fading rare original decals now as you can see, but there is enough intact to be able to get a good trace...
  15. mrkawasaki

    1984 Andy Powell REDUCED x2

    An unassuming ATB welcome at the most discerning British steel/earliest mountain bike brag-offs - a 1984 Andy Powell of Bristol hand made frame and fork with various hard-to-find period components collected and adorned. Much ridden because it's good to ride, it's a tad scabby in places and not a...
  16. mrkawasaki

    1" Quill 70-90mm Hi Rise

    Something nice please!
  17. mrkawasaki

    My FB Shed Clear Out

    Not wanting anyone to miss out here! ... sold_notif More coming in the next few days.
  18. mrkawasaki

    FB Sales

    Not sure if I'm allowed to point people over to items I have for sale on an FB Vintage and Retro page - I've read the Classified Rules & Guidance but I didn't read anything about this? Would much prefer to sell through RB/to RB'ers but it's proving too slow to get things done these days. Can I...
  19. mrkawasaki

    PACE Rigid Forks Query

    Which period or model of PACE forks do I have here - assuming they're both PACE - are the right legs with the right crowns??
  20. mrkawasaki

    1994 Merlin Mountain

    1994 Merlin Mountain Serial 10272 Fabulous condition, no dints or scratches - garage queeners might want new decals. Selling frame and fork (possibly/probably Ritchey? Not marked as such.) with Chris King headset and Ultimate Engineering (ti probably?) bottom bracket - £1000 delivered within...