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    Search by image

    On the forum of old, we used to be able to filter search results by 'image' - is there a way to do that with the new format? Probs something simple and obvious which I've not seen..
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    Wanted 1" threaded Judy crown and steerer

    May as well try again on my hunting. :)
  3. BoyBurning

    Wanted 1" rigid forks

    420 or so a-c length, threaded steerer - probs around 145mm or so but can check against any fork options that come forward!
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    Caramba cranks 04
  5. BoyBurning

    Caramba cranks 03
  6. BoyBurning

    Caramba cranks 02
  7. BoyBurning

    Caramba cranks 01
  8. BoyBurning

    Wanted Judy crown and steerer 1"

    As title please. Threaded ideally. Length doesn't need to be ginormous, will check.
  9. BoyBurning

    SRAM searching...

    Looking for an X-0 8/9 speed rear shifter please. Have a front, lost the rear, but happy to buy a pair if that's my only option. It's the '06 trigger shifters I'm looking for, not the twist shifters. :)
  10. BoyBurning

    Sorted These jerseys please...

    Long or short sleeve [or both] is fine. Cheers. :)
  11. BoyBurning

    This jersey...

    Please shoot me a message if you have one you'd sell, or have seen one for sale... :)
  12. BoyBurning

    Shoes query

    Since the early 90s I've always run Onza HO pedals with PooBah shoes, but I'm about to move on to my last pair of hoarded new PooBahs and thought it might be good to try something new. I'm thinking of changing to more recent [ie. ten year old which I seem to have acquired loads of but never...
  13. BoyBurning

    Tyres. £1000.

    Made you look, made you stare...
  14. BoyBurning

    1983 F.W.Evans HISTORY UPDATE...

    Did a trip to Surrey and back to collect, literally dumped the bike in the garage and snapped some quick phone pics, then jumped back in the car to get to a meeting. The photos are point and click just to get a record for myself really - but thought I'd share. :) Obviously I haven't touched...
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    Ignore - mods delete please!

    WITHDRAWN. Frame I was going to buy has sold, so don't need to raise the cash anymore. :(
  16. BoyBurning

    Ignore - mods delete please!

    WITHDRAWN. Frame I was going to buy has sold, so don't need to raise the cash anymore. :(
  17. BoyBurning

    American Classic QRs

    Looking for a trio set of wheesl and seat QR in black please. :)
  18. BoyBurning

    M737/8 top pull, braze-on front mech

    As title please! Not looking to spend 50 quid though cheers... :)
  19. BoyBurning

    1994 AMP B3

    Another one pretty much there, at last! Cable tie on rear booster will be going as soon as I've completed the modifications to the booster itself [cutting a bit out basically]. Build is a mix of lightly used, and some NOS kit I had squirrelled away for the build, knowing one day I would find...
  20. BoyBurning

    1989 Trimble Inverse-4

    Still a little tweaking to do, but it's up and fully rideable now, ready for the weekend - finally! Fitting the Magura on the rear U-Brake mounts was an absolute pig, and required a little bit of 'experimentation' - but it all works... :) Forks are RS1 crown with Mag20 lowers, modified with...