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  1. squirrelchaser

    Varonha Frameworks .

    I should say at the start it's principally a road bike , sort of . So mods if it's in the wrong place or if it's just plain wrong , do as you must and my apologies . I first spoke to Winston about building me this more out of curiosity than anything else . He was busy at the time but I arranged...
  2. squirrelchaser

    Battered Raleigh object of youthful dreams
  3. squirrelchaser

    Sold Allin '81 . 21.5" .

    1981 Allin . 531 butted throughout . 21.5" ctt and 22.5" ctc Frame number 2421 Unfinished project . I've run out of time , space and cash . I have ridden this as it is for 25 miles or so up and down the steepest hills readily available {South Norwood Hill , Sydenham Hill and Central Hill} and...
  4. squirrelchaser

    Withdrawn Stronglight bb , 118mm

    Hi all , looking for a 118mm Stronglight bottom bracket with English threads . Thanks
  5. squirrelchaser

    Bill Hurlow Condor Am I correct in thinking this is top dollar for something that needs a fair bit of work ?
  6. squirrelchaser

    Smaller British frames pre 1970's

    Is it me or did British manufacturers make fewer frames in smaller sizes , 21" or less , pre 1970's ? I seem to be able to find loads that are 22" and above . Smaller sizes appear in catalogs of the time but seem scarce now . Did the style of the time have anything to do with it ? Just curious ...
  7. squirrelchaser

    '81 Allin

    I'm at a loss to know what to do with this . It's interesting because it's not a sought after thing , being neither a Cobb or a Shrubb {I'm pretty certain} but a lovely thing non the less . It's too big for me to use and still requires a fair amount of fettling/cash to finish properly . However...
  8. squirrelchaser

    How long before you re build after a professional respray ?

    Just curious how long people hold off re building after having a frame re enameled . I'm trying to wait a month......
  9. squirrelchaser

    84 Holdsworth Pro

    Hello , newbie here , I think this is the right place to be . This is my white elephant , an 84 Holdsworth Pro . It's not perfect/finished because I can no longer ride it . It was always going to be a touch big but .... I got it about 3 years ago in a total state . It had mudguard eyes brazed...