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  1. MartinYorkshire

    Sustainable disposal of a Raleigh Maverick?

    We've got an old Raleigh Maverick which I need to dispose of. Thinking of sending it to a local charity although not sure they will take it, given that it will need servicing prior to sale. Considering it's nearly 40 years old, it's in pretty good condition. I gather they aren't particularly...
  2. MartinYorkshire

    Kids sponsorship forms - how much?!

    I'm probably very out of touch with this but our lad brought home his first sponsorship form from school the other day. On the pre-printed sheet itself, there is an example sponsorship at the top with a value of £20 written in. Does anyone else dislike this passive aggressive approach from...
  3. MartinYorkshire

    '92 GT Bravado

    One of the bikes I lusted after as a kid, long ago. Restored, perhaps by someone on here? £500 but taking offers.
  4. MartinYorkshire

    Rocky Mountain frame sizing check

    Could a Rocky Mountain expert please confirm that to measure the frame size of a 1992, it's center of BB to top of seat tube? Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but I just want to be certain. I was sure I'd seen a diagram in a RM catalogue before, but can't find it again. Thanks.
  5. MartinYorkshire

    A rant: sick to death of dog poo bags and coffee cups

    Is anyone else absolutely fed up with seeing their trails strewn with all manner of trash, particularly dog shit bags and empty coffee cups? Ever since all this coronavirus hysteria started and people started getting paid to stay at home and do nothing, theres been a huge influx of what seems...
  6. MartinYorkshire

    Any parents able to help? 6 year old MTB'ers - How far is too far?

    Hi all, Just been out and decided to do a longer route than normal on spec. The max distance my lad had done previously since starting riding properly in March was around 10km. Todays route, it turned out, was 16.5km, which is quite a step up. It was offroad riding, part made, part unmade...
  7. MartinYorkshire

    Wanted Chromag Radar Youth Pedal - Blue

    Does anyone have a set of these knocking about in good condition that perhaps their little'un has outgrown? Cheers
  8. MartinYorkshire

    Out of everything, what retro would you choose for a long term DAILY off road bike?

    Hi all, Been wrestling with this for a long while. Our retro stable is a little depleted and I have designs on a couple of older high end frames which I blow hot and cold about. I just wonderered, if money was no object, what would you choose for a long term daily use retro off-road bike...
  9. MartinYorkshire

    Definitive source of Rockshox crown/axle fork lengths?

    Gents, A little confused here about Rockshox fork lengths, hoping someone can help out. I've had an enquiry about my forks, which are SID XC's from 2000. I measured these at 450mm from axle centre to crownrace with a tape measure, so likely +/- 5mm or so. I believe they are 80mm travel as...
  10. MartinYorkshire

    Karma: Deore LX M570 Front Mech 31.8mm *GONE*

    Gone to sparky Nothing wrong with this really, just needs a clean. Signs of normal wear. Someones pub bike might appreciate this. Karma item, yours for the cost of postage (I think around £4 or so). Only users with over 20 proper forum posts please. First come first served. PM me to...
  11. MartinYorkshire

    For Sale Nearly new 24x2.6" knobbly tyres and Lezyne smart chainstay protector

    Just having a clear out. Frame is collection only. Currently not shipping outside the UK, sorry. I typically post all items Royal Mail Signed For but if you prefer MyHermes, I can do that also. Tyres are sent MyHermes. Buyers must have at least 20 "useful" forum posts. If any pricing is way...
  12. MartinYorkshire

    For Sale X-Lite Stem Cap (Grey) - Price Drop

    Just having a tiny clear out. Currently not shipping outside the UK, sorry. I typically post all items Royal Mail Signed For but if you prefer MyHermes, I can do that also. Buyers must have at least 20 "useful" forum posts. Thanks. X-Lite Stem Top Cap (Grey) and Bolt I believe the bolt may...
  13. MartinYorkshire

    I was looking for some new flats shoes and saw these...

    Well, this is certainly unusual. Apparently they have "years left in them". I suppose that you wouldn't have to fuss about breaking them in, so theres that. ... SwLX5f~sjo Needless to say, not my auction.
  14. MartinYorkshire

    Neighbours child has forks on backwards - do I say something

    Guys and gals, The subject sounds like a no brainer, tell the parents/grandparents. However, they are a little bit unusual in that they literally don't really talk to anyone on the street aside from hello or goodbye. You get a small smile and a rapidly closed door in response to a "good...
  15. MartinYorkshire

    35.8mm seat post clamps?

    Evening all, Does anyone happen to know if 35.8 is anything close to a regular size for an MTB seat post clamp? My sons QR clamp is marked 35, but the outside diameter of the frame at the seatpost tube is 35.8 on my calipers. It seems to be a very odd size. Could I get away with a hope clamp...
  16. MartinYorkshire

    Fettling a new (modern) bike?

    Evening all, My 2000 Kona has finally been replaced as it needed a new rear derailleur, tyres, chain, cables and front wheel. Without a parts bin like I know some of you have, it was starting to get a little prohibitive to keep it running as it's a workhorse frame rather than something I ever...
  17. MartinYorkshire

    Wanted 26" Front wheel XT M770 Silver/Mavic XC717 Silver for rim brakes

    Ideally in as near new/NOS condition as possible for a daily rider build. Cheers
  18. MartinYorkshire

    '92 RM Hammer bottom bracket/possible frame damage

    Good evening everyone, I was hoping some of you may be kind enough to offer an opinion on the following images. After not riding her bike, a 92 Rocky Mountain Hammer for a few years, her indoors decided she wanted to get back into it. I figured I'd better give the bike a service and started...
  19. MartinYorkshire

    Wheelset 7 SPD for canti's in VGC - M735 on Mavic etc

    Condition is important as these will be ridden daily. Nothing too fancy, just roughly period to a 1992 RM Hammer which has a DX gruppo. What ya got?
  20. MartinYorkshire

    My own auction - Onza Titanium Gen 1 Bar Ends

    Listed in for sale section, no takers so off to eBay: ... RK:MESE:IT