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  1. Neil

    Mountain bikes used at Center parcs?

    Seem to recall the odd other member, here, goes to 'em. I always hire them because I hire a trailer for my youngest, and they'll only let you hire and use their trailers, with their own hire bikes. First started going in 2006, and plenty of times since. When I first started going they hired...
  2. Neil

    Hoarders remorse

    After reading the thread on sellers remorse, and wanting to think I chould / should be able to identify it, there must surely be some regret or remorse from the hoarders, too. So hit me with it - apart from the obvious - not enough space to hoard more... lets hear any tales of people that have...
  3. Neil

    Who remembers these...

    Just saw an advert on TV, wasn't tonight's TV, but something recorded on TiVo. I remember getting one of these, must have been late 70s / turn of the 80s - we all had them when they came out, and all before Knight Rider was an itch in Glen A Larson's pants. They were ace. I was most...
  4. Neil

    Ricciardo making hay, whilst Rosberg and Hamilton squabble..

    Coulthard says it's good for F1, Webber questions whether the situation is sustainable (I suspect more about next year, than this...), Brundle analyses the detail and makes comparisons, and Jordan says they're behaving like spoilt children. Thing is, we want a bit of action, we want a bit of...
  5. Neil

    What's the name for...

    ...the speech impediment where people pronounce words like "bottle" (that quite patently have no 'ck's in...) as "bockle", or digital as "digical"? And am I correct in the belief that recent changes in EU legislation means you can waste people (Dirty Harry stylee) for offending your ears in...
  6. Neil

    Any decent BMX front caliper brakes?

    I bought my son 2013 Diamondback Element a few months back. It's a very fetching purple, that I'm not entirely sure he's that struck with. He's not about to do any stunt or ramp stuff on it, he just wanted a bike for general riding, and he wanted a BMX. Although it came with a crappy front...
  7. Neil

    "See how easy it is to do business with me...?"

    "No, I only want the Maserati if it comes in that jet black." Just kinda seemed apt. If you have the means I highly recommend it. Pragmatic or elitest?
  8. Neil

    How much wiggle room in chainline / BB spindle length?

    It's always the same, you're putting a bike together, and think you have plenty of parts to cover it all, then realise that you don't have exactly what you thought you had. So... Sheldon says 110-113mm for the correct chainline for the chainset I'm using (well would cover me for both choices I...
  9. Neil

    Raleigh Dune Dancer... year and brochure?

    I managed to snag a Dune Dancer frameset off here a while back, it's still on the back burner to being built, but spring is coming... I've got this distinct memory of reading a review in MBUK (think it was part of a group test), and I always liked the colour and the name of the bike, more than...
  10. Neil

    Recommendations for a new BMX?

    I thought and posted about this previously, but in the end he still got some more usage out of his Islabike, but now it's getting to the point where he's close to having outgrown it. So, I'm looking for recommendations for a decent BMX - for a 9 year old boy. He's not currently drawn to doing...
  11. Neil


    Don't recall seeing him around much in these parts, recently? Anyone know what's up, or he just busy with other stuff? And no, nothing to do with trading or any deals gone bad, I just miss his dulcet tones.
  12. Neil

    Schumacher badly injured in a skiing accident

    Here's hoping he pulls through and makes a decent, hopefully full, recovery.
  13. Neil

    I had no idea, until tonight...

    That Al Bundy was such a lethal weapon. Ed O' Neill has been pretty serious about martial arts for a long time. Truly a man for all seasons and I've got absolutely no shame in declaring Al Bundy as my role model.
  14. Neil

    Something the Ghost Rider thread made me think of...

    As something of an opposite to that thread - films that were way better / memorable / interesting / enjoyable than you thought you would find them. So those that suprised you, and were those discovered gems, that you almost discovered by accident, rather than any hype or recommendations. For...
  15. Neil

    Digital Pianos anyone?

    Anyone got one, recommend one, got opinions on them? Not talking about synths, digital keyboards, or organs, just true digital pianos (ie 88 keys, weighted hammer action type doofers).
  16. Neil

    Thumbshifters that index the front mech?

    Just true thumbshifters, rather than rapidfire / rapidfire plus - any others that index the front mech / left shfiter? I've got a few pairs of those DNP Epoch shifters that have an indexed leftie - although never actually put them on a bike, yet. Several pairs of Suntour ones, that don't and...
  17. Neil

    What happened to el Chops?

    I haven't seen Chopper post for a while - he still around and good? * (no, this isn't related to any deals, these aren't the droids you're looking for, just general concern...)
  18. Neil

    Casio / G-Shock / Wave Ceptor / Edifice / Lineage / Oceanus

    So there's been a thread for Seikos, and I know there's some G-Shock enthusiasts here, so let's see some Casios, then. Show 'em off, let's see what ya got. Especially any Oceanus, they're just dreamy. I'll post some pics of my motley bunch at some point.
  19. Neil

    Booze, taste, society, conditioning...

    Something I've pondered of late, some of it because of a question my young son asked me, recently. He said "Does beer taste nice?". Here's the thing, I think he asked me because I'm his dad, so he expects I know the answer, as opposed to, sees me drinking beer - not that I'm suggesting there's...
  20. Neil

    Question: ebay, international item, paypal using debit card?

    Thought I'd ask, here, as plenty have probably bought on ebay from international sellers. Reason I'm asking, is I'm sure in the past, I've found that for certain international items, it's only let me select credit cards through paypal payment, but then I'm sure I've also, on occasion, managed...