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  1. hellodave

    1990 Karakoram

    Thankfully too far away from me, Southampton. I've gotta stop looking at ebay 🙈
  2. hellodave

    91 GT Karakoram Inferno

    I picked up one of these a few weeks ago, I love it but I don't need 2 :) Looks to be 18" to me, bit sun faded maybe, and considering how short the auction is and the deadline to pick it up (Northampton) I think this might struggle to sell -...
  3. hellodave

    Tidy Tequesta

    Team scream? Ad says 20" but it looks 18" to me, they might be measuring to the top of the seat post. Not far from me but a bit pricey, and I've spent my money on other bikes already 😄
  4. hellodave

    Cheap Tequesta project

    Too far away for me, 1994, looks to be 18" to me
  5. hellodave

    Sorted 1992 to 96 steel GT 18"

    Edit - marking this as sorted for now, as I, er... ahem, I appear to have found what I need, more on that later 😁 Frame, frame and forks, full bike, I'm interested. I'd prefer one with beat up paint as I plan to paint it, see...
  6. hellodave

    1991 GT Karakoram See my other thread as to why I'm so tempted by this, but it's the wrong year... and in too good condition to respray... Maybe I get it and keep looking for a 92? Is this how collections start? Someone buy it before...
  7. hellodave

    The story of a stolen Tequila Sunrise

    Story time, tldr; bike got stolen 20+ years ago, am still sad about it, so I'm now trying to recreate it. For most of my youth I was fortunate enough to live right next to Sutton Park in Birmingham. For a park it's a pretty big place and offers some pretty decent offroading, it's no Cannock...