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    Sorted mods can close Wanted 26in disc qr fork

    Re: Wanted 26in disc qr fork Not too fussy maybe 100mm travel black or white as its going onto a raw titanium hardtail frame
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    Sorted mods can close Wanted 26in disc qr fork

    Now that the wheels are sorted and on the way, I'm searching for a 1 1/8th straight steerer fork. Nothing too fancy. Can be is or post mount but has to be disc Thanks in advance
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    Wanted 26in disc qr wheels

    Re: I've been sorted thanks folks
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    Wanted 26in disc qr wheels

    Re: Can younsend me a few pics please Thanks
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    Wanted 26in disc qr wheels

    As per title has anyone got anything decent sitting in their shed awaiting new life? Can be both 6 bolt or centrelock. Not fussy. Thanks in advance
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    Wanted 27 mm Seatpost

    Looking for a 27mm Seatpost for a recently bought early 90s Titanium Frameset. Preferably Carbon but i wouldnt mind titanium. Whats out there By the way daft suggestions of getting a 27.2 and milling/sanding down shall be suitably ignored Thanks in advance
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    Wanted fondriest tf3 seatpost

    As per title Looking for a carbon seatpost for a tf3 Any out there?
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    Carbon road frameset 52cm

    Re: I have a giant cadex 53cm original paint in great nick with threaded or threadless 1in fork as an option Will send pics
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    Wanted 1in threadless carbon forks

    Im looking for a pair of 1 inch threadless carbon forks. Rebuilding an aluminium coppi for a buddy and the front end badly needs it. Thanks in advanced
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    Help identifying this frame please

    right so cant seem to upload photos at the moment as they're all too bloody bit :-(
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    Help identifying this frame please

    Rihht so i got my hands on an aluminuim colnago. It's painted in the mapei team colours (Yes I know it's not a c40) the Columbus is decal is badly gmfaded and I can't make out the frame tubing I'd. I have a serial but colnago themselves aren't any help saying they didn't have it on their...
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    Wanted campag flat bar shifters

    Cheers for that I was thinking they're like hens teeth alright. As it's not for my bike I'm gonna recommend switching the bike to Shimano bits ( it's gonna be a commuter so not putting the good stuff on. Just enough that it works well without attracting attention when locked up
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    Wanted campag flat bar shifters

    I recall there were veloce 1p speed flat bar shifters at one stage. Anyone have a set lying in the back of their shed?
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    Campagnolo Eurus G3 Clincher Wheelset *SOLD*

    Re: Hi pm on the way with a few questions
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    Wanted 170mm SRAM MTB cranks

    Can be GXP or Square Taper (Not fussed) Can also be triple or double not fussed there either just need it to finish off a skip rescue build for myself. Anyone have anything out there?
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    Mods please close as I got sorted

    As per title 2x10 front mech wanted to finish off winter build Based in Ireland Anyone have one in their sheds?
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    Wanted 80s campag athena bits

    I'm looking for a seatpost bolt and a dust cap for campag athena pedals. Rather than the campagnolo patent as seen on the record groupos it has campagnolo brev instead. If anyone has some going spare let me know Cheers
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    Fork crown facing

    Anyone that's cytech certified knows what crown BB and head tube facing is. The tools to do it however are approx £500 a piec. The crown facing tool from park won't let you face a different diameter. File it down and then find a frame builder that might have bothered spending 500 on a tool used...
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    1980's Viking Triomphe

    That's the one and to be fair the pictures do the do it justice it's far nicer in three flesh so to speak