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    Wanted Kona P2 Forks

    Hi, looking for some cheap 😬 P2 Forks with a 185mm or more threadless steerer, I measured from top to bottom of bearing race in judys. Mark
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    Rock Shox Judy T2

    Hi, I'm picking the Kona Caldera up tomm and thought if I cant find a P2 fork for it the Judy T2 will have to stay so as they are a fair few years old where would I find the right service kit or as i have seen the aftermarket steed? springs upgrade. I would think the elastomers are probably in...
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    Kona Caldera 18"

    Hi all, Ive not been here for a while but Ive just bought this Caldera on Ebay to collect Saturday, seat is a bit damaged but the rest looks to only have light use over the years. It comes with the Judy T2 shocks but will be looking for some P2`s for it I think, I lost intrest on using my indoor...
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    Looking for a bike

    Hi, Its been a while since I was on here last, I looking for a bike to assemble over the winter,17 or 18 inch frame I think. Ive seen ... 3398212448 but not sure if its a 16 or 17 inch, also this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=384377 Both my old P7 and the...
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    Marin, What To Do?

    Hi, So I was a tad impulsive and bought this marin from ebay from a old bloke that owned it from new, now not sure what to do with it, looked ok in the advert but headset, bb bearings are shot, wheel bearings feel dry but not stripped them yet rims are good and wheels straight, groupset is Exage...
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    Coyote HT5 Easton Ultralight

    Sooo after a while and a few little rides I realise I still don't like alloy frames, so im offering it up for sale or maybe a swap for a steel frame 17 or 18 inch. the spec is mavic 517 rims on xt hubs, deore chain set and rear mech, deore front mech and vees, xt brake levers, deore shifters...
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    Coyote Easton Ultralight HT5

    Hi all Well as the lovely Cinder Cone is out of my price range, my brother suggested I buy the HT5 Coyote that he bought from my son, its black and silver and you can see Easton Ultralight in the tube wall through the paint, the stays are box sections with what looks like machined parts. it has...
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    Saracen Killi Comp

    Hey all Here we have one minty 19 inch Kili comp for sale mostly xt lucky if its been ridden a hundred miles in its life, original seat and bar ends included, you will be hard pressed to find one in this condition tange prestige tubing, bargain price of £275, need to fund a motorcycle so it...
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    Kili Comp For Sale

    Hey all Here we have one minty 19 inch Kili comp for sale mostly xt lucky if its been ridden a hundred miles in its life, original seat and bar ends included may haggle a tad on price but you will be hard pressed to find one in this condition tange prestige tubing, bargain price of £275 PM or...
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    Virtually Mint XT Dual Pivot Brakes

    Heyas 2 pairs of xt brakes, sat in garage for 3 years, only one set had a bit of use maybe 10 rides as you can see from images, other set without pads has never been used, complete with noodles again never used. For any more images or to veiw them just pm me. Git to be a bargain at £25...
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    More Stuff

    Okies I have to get rid, the following, one shimano hyperglide 12-23 i think 7 speed cassette £8 posted, pair of ritchey zmax? megabite tyres plenty of tread but the ritchy logo is almost gone £10 posted, pair of tioga surefoot six with clips and straps £20 posted, these have the...
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    Pedals (not needed now thanks)

    Okies I need some flat pedals, preferably a swap or depending on price, im after symetrical style which are the same on either side, i have to swap some excellent tioga surefoot IV with the grease port and clips and straps, still nice an smooth also a 7 speed hyperglide cassette 12-23 and some...
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    Scary? Balls of steel i think
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    Crank pedal threads

    Hi Sounds daft but what is the pedal thread size on shimano cranks lx. Thanks Mark
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    DMR V8 Pedals

    I see a few of these on ebay for £10 are they any good, i have the tioga surefoots with straps but would like somthing a tad bigger with no messing about. Thanks Mark
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    New chains

    Hi The chain on my kili is making a clicking noise at the same time i feel a slip as such in the drive train, the chain has a lot of sisde to side movement and is very sloppy, it is the original from 94 and i assume it was the sand from the promonade that has caused the wear along with some...
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    Hi I hav a pair of I think Ritchey Zmax tyres, i think thats what is on the sidewall any way, plenty of tread left in them, i took them off my kili comp when i put slicks on. Any way £15 posted ok?. thanks Mark
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    Last few bits

    Gioing cheap here Orange hotrod 2 bars, virtually mint , just a couple storage marks £15 posted. Nos Ritchey logic 1inch headset £18 posted. SOLD Shimano xt FH-M750 rear hub, slight use, like new still £14 posted SOLD 7speed hyperglide rear cassette 13-23, great condition £8 posted...
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    For Sale Saracen Kili Comp

    With impending job cut or redundency on the cards, i now have to sell my minty saracen kili comp, it is all original and in awsome condition as the piccy shows, as i have to put up a price i will start at £400, size is 19 inch i think, i am open to offers but reasonable ones please. thanks Mark
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    Retro Starter Pack

    Hi Okies i have for sale as a package my Orange P7 start of build, which would suit someone just starting a first go at this, the frame and forks are pretty much immaculate with a couple of tiny and i mean tiny (1mmx1-2mm) pit spots that have been brass brazed, the frame is a 94 model that i...