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  1. sam_white

    Storing Suspension Forks

    Has anyone got a good solution to storing forks? Not sure how many pairs spare I have, but something like 5/6 sets of Bombers with the steerer tubes attached and 4/5 sets of rigid forks, road and MTB (just moved house and they are all packed in boxes carefully wrapped). Problem is that they're...
  2. sam_white

    DNM Suspension Forks (LSF-80?)

    I've come across these with some other parts recently. Don't know much about them, other than DNM branded shocks and forks are still available new. Can anyone confirm the model number? I'm thinking it is an LSF-80 Quality seems fairly good and they seem smooth. Paint and stanchions also in good...
  3. sam_white

    Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Ergopower fault?

    Not at all an expert in these things, thought I'd ask the forum for help. I've a set of Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Ergopower shifters on the road bike, I think identical to those pictured. They say 'Carbon BB System' at the top and I'm pretty sure the lever blade says Record Titanium on it. The...
  4. sam_white

    Marzocchi Bomber Braces

    As I was having a clean and sort out on Monday, it occurred to me that I had a variety of different Marzocchi Bomber braces to hand, clean and unbolted from their forks, I've thrown them on the scales (I doubt any weight weenie would ever user a Bomber fork) mostly for my own interest but also...
  5. sam_white

    1999 Marzocchi Bombers

    Picture of the 1999 Marzocchi Bombers range. Possibly not complete as the Z1 QR20 and the Z3 QR20 forks appear to be missing.
  6. sam_white

    Specialized FSR near Birmingham

    Not sure exactly what this is, but it's cheap at £70 I'd have it if it wasn't across the other side of the country. Anyone positively identify it? My guess is specialized with the paint stripped off.
  7. sam_white

    Show me your Diamondback 'S' bikes - S60/S70

    The 2004 Diamondback range is briefly discussed on the Bikemagic pages at The mostly unloved 'S' prefix range, including the S10/S20/S30/S40 bikes are all pretty low end, but there apparently was the S60, a decent XC bike and the S70 for...
  8. sam_white

    Claud Butler ARC 1000 / Diamondback DBR V-Link

    Browsing the Facebook marketplace I stumbled on a cheap full suspension bike, a bit of investigation and close examination of the pics showed it to be a Claud Butler ARC 1000. Some parts of the frame reminded me of my own Diamondback X-Link, especially the front derailleur noodle and bottom...
  9. sam_white

    Hope Catalogue 2000

    Scans from the Year 2000 Hope Catalogue
  10. sam_white

    Hope 2001 Hubs Catalogue

    Hubs side of the combined 2001 Brakes and Hubs catalogue/handout
  11. sam_white

    Hope 2001 Brakes Catalogue

    Brakes side of the combined 2001 Brakes and Hubs catalogue/handout
  12. sam_white

    Hope 2000 Price List

    RRP prices for Hope's Year 2000 product range. Hubs, brakes and other accessories. Scan from an A4 handout.
  13. sam_white

    Hope 2000 Fitting Guide

    Scan from an A4 sized handout.
  14. sam_white

    Hope Big Un Mk2 20mm end caps

    Looking for some 20mm end caps to fit a Mk2 (approx Year 2000) Hope Big Un front hub. Could possibly trade for some Bulb 20mm end caps I have here that aren't any use to me! Pic attached of what I'm looking for. Not fussed about colour, although black would be ideal. Thanks.
  15. sam_white

    Hope Catalogue 1997

    This looks to be a late 1990s cataloge, around 1997 by the forks pictured. It shows the hydraulic brakes but also the mechanical brake. One of the images seems too show an LTS as well as the first generation Marzocchi Bomber Z1 forks.
  16. sam_white

    Diamondback 2007 Catalogue

    I've just found this online and have downloaded it from Happy for it to be added to the archive. Or is it too new? ... -2007.html Ta, Sam
  17. sam_white

    2000 Diamondback X Link Sport

    Local Facebook marketplace find. Have been keeping an eye out for a full suspension frame that may make a good XC bike.
  18. sam_white

    Random Bar Ends (Tranz X)

    Calling on the hive mind here, anyone ever seen bar ends like these? They're adjustable for the bend angle once clamped to the bars. There's the remains of a logo on one side, but it doesn't look like Tranz-X. Weight:222g for the pair. If it's any help, they may be of European origin and...
  19. sam_white

    Marzocchi Bomber 1999-2001 Spring Guide

    Found this useful looking spring guide on the back of a packet of Marzocchi Bomber springs. Appears to cover all the spring options for the 1999-2001 Bomber forks. Hope this comes in useful!
  20. sam_white

    Marzocchi Bomber Z5 Flylight Air 2000

    So I've just picked up these Bomber Z5 Flylight Air forks, I think they're Year 2000 as the graphics have '2000' on the sliders. Reading the manual, it states 'Before reassembling, lubricate all parts in contact with each other using silicone fat spray.' Google shopping doesn't have anything...