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  1. little markie

    Retro Spuds Feedback thread

    Nick supplied me with some step down ferrules. They look amazing and are a perfect fit. Speedy delivery too!
  2. little markie

    1990 Team Marin - Resto thread

    Original is at the front, respray at the back. I used a company called ooey custom in Camberley who specialise in bike respraying. They're not cheap at all but the color match is very good & similar to the one in the marin brochure.
  3. little markie

    1990 Team Marin - Resto thread

    I've just finished restoring two of these. One is as close to original spec as possible minus the tyres and grips and the other has a few tweeks and cosmetic upgrades. Agree with the above comments regarding the zolatone paint. Just give it a good scrub with some degreaser & dont try to...
  4. little markie

    1991 specialized stumpjumper bottom bracket axle length

    Can anyone advise me on what length bottom bracket axel i need for my 91 stumpjumper? Going to run a DX chainset and Sheldon Brown says 122.5mm. But this has given me alot of clearance between the chainrings and chain stays. Was thinking more like 118mm maybe. Any ideas?
  5. little markie

    Sold 1990 Marin Pine Mountain F&F

    1990 Marin Pine Mountain. The frame is large (20.5" centre to top) has the usual scuffs and scratches but no dents or cracks. Included is the DX headset that moves freely and the bottom bracket that would require a service or replace. The bad bit... The seatpost is stuck & i just dont have the...
  6. little markie

    Sorted Marin Seatpost 30.3mm ie Team Issue 1991, good condition if possible please!

    Was just about to send the same link! I've had a few of these posts over the years for my 90 builds. These are the same same posts made by Strong that came as standard. The only difference is these dont have the Marin logo on the back of the post just beneath the clamp.
  7. little markie

    Sold Panaracer smoke lite Compe Tyre

    I dont see why not lf you're willing to pay the postage. PM me your address and I'll look into it.
  8. little markie

    Sold Panaracer smoke lite Compe Tyre

    Price drop.... Now £50 Inc UK Delivery
  9. little markie

    Sold Panaracer smoke lite Compe Tyre

    Small price drop.. Now £55 inc UK delivery
  10. little markie

    For Sale Shimano Deore XT M732 Rear QR Levers NOS X12

    Hi, yes i have a few left
  11. little markie

    Wanted 27.0mm black seatpost

    Thanks, that would of been perfect but I've since found out that i actually need a 27.2 seatpost!
  12. little markie

    Sold Panaracer smoke lite Compe Tyre

    I have a 26 x 1.9 Panaracer Smoke Lite Compe tyre for sale. Immaculate condition, never fitted, nice supple walls and tred with no cracking or drynessOnly selling it because i cant find another to match it! Looking for £65 including postage within UK.
  13. little markie

    Wanted 27.0mm black seatpost

    Sounds good. If you can send some pics that would be helpful. Thanks
  14. little markie

    Wanted 27.0mm black seatpost

    Im after a black 27.0mm seatpost. Doesn't need to be mint but in decent condition. Its for a 91 stumpjumper comp.
  15. little markie

    Gt Zaskar LE build - finished bike on page 6

    Stunning job Jim. Well done. 👌👍
  16. little markie

    1992 Orange Clockwork build

    Sorry to hijack the chat, but I'm after a stalk stem and possibly bars. Obviously Bazza would have first dibs. But I'm deffo interested!