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    wtd: brake booster for cantis for 100 mm spaced bosses

    I'm in the market for a brake booster to beef up my cantilevers on a flexy frame. The only catch is the bosses are 100 mm apart, instead of the more standard 80mm. Most boosters do seem to allow for a range of boss distances, though. What you got? preferred colour: purple or titanium.
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    dented steel seat stay, frame still usable?

    I managed to get myself one of my unicorns a few years back, a 1994 Dynatech DIablo STX frame, but on closer inspection it had a nasty looking dent (and slight bend) in the drive side seat stay. The frame and paint job is one of my favourites of all time, much better than even the cult Kleins in...
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    Retrobiker on London's Burning Season 9 Vetta lid and Marin jersey with Onza logo, no idea what the bike it but it looks like a gas pipe BSO.
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    Anyone tried these RST steerers on Bombers?

    I just found a store that sells RST steerers pretty cheaply, in all the lengths and diameters we'd need for our retrobikes. It's rumoured that these are identical in spec to Bomber steerers (or at least are compatible). Has anyone tried one on their bombers?
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    I keep twisting 9 speed chains

    Today I had to ride 15 miles home with chain that skipped under any reasonable level of power, which turns out to be because (yet again) a section of 3 or 4 links somehow got twisted during the ride. I've never had this happen on a 7 or 8 speed chain in decades of riding. Are 9+ speed chains...
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    Gravel bike with flat bar now "invented"

    The boffins in the bike industry have just invented something totally new, building on their gravel bike innovation of recent years: the flat bar gravel bike. With a frame made of metal instead of plastic. ... d2VBHPrJsg
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    Fake M Trax Ti 1000 with "rare" Reynolds K2 tubing
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    wanted: long Pace steerer 1-1/8 threadless 230 mm plus

    wanted: a long Pace steerer 1-1/8 threadless 230 mm plus, preferably steel.
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    Dented alloy head tube, can it be bend back into shape?

    Being stuck at home like many people* I've had time to check some of my retrobike stash, and I found one of my Raleighs has a dented head tube, as shown below. I guess it's been dropped on the head tube at some point, but that's life. The tube is bulge formed aluminium, not steel, so I am...
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    Warning: I trashed a good frame using a turbo trainer

    I know there are much worse things going on in the world right now, but the cherry on the cake today was finding a crack in the seat tube of my favourite frame, one that I build into what is pretty much my perfect MTB, and which being steel I assumed it would live forever, perhaps even outliving...
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    Retro Kona frame sizing

    Hi all, Something that's stopped me from every buying a retro Kona is the sizing, which I understand differs from the standard sizing of most other brands at the time. Being a lanky git, normally I'd ride a 20.5" to 22" frame (centre to centre). Which size should I be looking for in a 90s Kona?
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    Show us your large sadde to handlebar drops

    During this wintery weather I'm amusing myself trying to build a "gravel" bike out of a retro MTB, and I've been contemplating how much of a saddle to handlebar drop I can mamage. In 30 years of riding bikes, this is the first time I've ever even bothered to measure such a thing, having...
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    Show me some nice looking 4 bolt retro chainsets!

    I'm considering changing to 4 bolt cranks, from 5 bolt, but I'm struggling to find one I like the look of. Show me your awesome 4 bolt chainsets, please!
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    Blue ano barends: ski or L-bend

    I'm after some blue anodized barends, either ski bends or L-bends. What have you got?
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    Is retro cyclocross bikes a thing?

    I've got curious about trying cyclocross out, and immediately thought about looking for a retro CX bike, expecting to be able to find a decent, steel one from the 90s or 80s for a good price. But to no avail. Does such a thing exist, and where might I find one? Failing that, I could always try...
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    New discovery: climbing easier with narrow bar & barends

    Does anyone run a wide flat bar, with bar ends placed inboard of the controls? I became aware of this possibility (although it seems a bit obvious now) after looking into the various trekking flat bars on the market, which have various possible hand positions, like the Surly Moloko or the Jones...
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    custom bar shims

    Does anyone here make, or have ideas where to get cheaply, custom size shims for a handlebar? I have a weird 25.6 diameter bar that I'd lile to use in an oversized clamp stem.
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    What to do about slightly oversized (25.45 mm) handlebar

    I have a nice cromo handlebar, made by Nitto for a small independent brand from Japan. I bought it because it's rare these days to find a modern wide bar with a standard clamp size, made of quality materials. The problem (if it can be called that) is whoever designed the bar made a mistake and...
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    Deore XT U Brake black

    I have this Deore XT U Brake in black. No straddle yoke, but has pads and all mounting hardware is complete. There's some cosmetic damage on the outside of one arm, as shown in the photo, where the metal has been dented /or gouged a little bit and some of the finish is missing. I assume this...
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    Replenishing salt loss on day rides if you have hypertension

    I have hypertension which is controlled, and I'm under doctor's orders to avoid salt like the plague, but my GP was unable to offer any advice on how to cope with the obvious need to replenish some of the sodium you lose through sweat during long, hot day rides. I told the GP I normally carry a...