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    Do Kona Ti BBs need facing?

    In my experience steel Konas need facing, both headset and BB. Was wondering if Ti frames are the same? Got a second hand frame and I can't get the outboard BB to spin smoothly and I don't know if its the cheap Chinese bearings or the frame.
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    Anyone DIY Hope split ring crown race?

    I really like the Hope split ring crown race for installation and removal and was wondering if anyone has made a diy version on other cartridge bearing headsets. I imagine just cutting a crown race with a hack saw and filing the edges clean. What could go wrong? :lol:
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    Retro parts still in production

    Was wondering what retro mtb parts are still in production today in their original form? I'm not talking brand names or parts that have evolved, anniversary editions etc, but parts that have not changed since '97 or before and have been made since on a continuous basis, not just old stock...
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    -SOLD- Shimano XT chainring 44T 104bcd 9spd as new

    SOLD Brand new and unused. AUD50. Goes for 60 quid at SJS. ... t/?geoc=AU Pick up from Sydney or happy to post international at buyer's expense (eg AUD10 to UK via economy air or AUD37 express with tracking, up to you). Please also see ad for similar...
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    Rotor NoQ XC3 chainrings, 24-32-42T 4 arm 104bcd 9 spd

    Brand new, unused Rotor chainrings in 24, 32, 42T equipped with ramps and pins in black. These fit a standard 104bcd crank. Happy to sell together or separately. Prices in Aussie dollar. All three rings: AUD90 24T: AUD20 32T: AUD40 42T: AUD50 Similar rings sell for AUD70 (34T) on Ebay. Pick up...
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    Spoke questions - single butted and 1.8mm straight gauge

    I'm having trouble sourcing spokes for a lightweight wheelbuild and was wondering what has happened to the wheelbuilding world since I last built an "exotic" wheel 10+ years ago. I used to run 1.8mm (15g) straight gauge spokes up front, but nobody sells them any more. I'm also looking for...
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    Knee friendly stems without the protruding bolts?

    Any suggestions for ahead stems that have a flush back, ie that don't have the clamping bolts at the back? Most use a wedge like Syncros, but some use other designs. I prefer the clean look of these type stems. There are lots of DH stems like this, but I'm looking for something more svelte and...
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    Upgrade to 1x???

    My supply of 8 speed parts is dwindling, especially shifters and derailleurs. I've got a few bikes, all ridden, that I want to keep my remaining 8 speed parts for, so I'm thinking it's time to move on for future builds. New 8 speed shifters stop at about Alfine (???), and used shifters are rare...
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    Team Marin '95 (Australia)

    Looks entirely original. Anyone know if the oem White Industries front hub is any good? ... 1257302521
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    Another one bites the dust: 95 Explosif

    The bike started making some ominous and very loud cracking sounds a few days ago whenever I put the pedal to the metal or hopped off a kerb. Sounded like something was at the end of its life and about to go. Frantically checked around the welds, BB spindle, cranks, pedals, handlebars, stem...
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    Kabush's 2000 Olympic Kona hardtail

    Not often you see something like this on Gumtree... Advertised as an Explosif, but it's aluminium. Maybe that was a thing. ... 1256422617 And on ebay ... ctupt=true
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    Shimano "quick engagement" freehub wanted

    My xtr m970 freehub has crapped out (bearing cup cracked), so I need a new freehub, or just the bearing cup. Happy to buy just the bearing cup (!), freehub or whole rear hub, even if the parts are defective in some other way, as long as the bearing cup is serviceable. Compatible freehubs are...
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    Tioga Factory XC rims - any info?

    Anybody know anything about this rim? There's not much to go on. They are welded and are 28 hole. This is the xc version and there is also a wider dh version. They are sometimes called "factory xc". One interesting feature is they have a tiny lip protruding out from the top edge of the rim...
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    Anodised dome/button head bolts for water bottle mounts

    I'm looking for some bling bolts for the various mounts on the bike. I'm not interested in regular bolts. I want the dome shaped heads. Something like what they sell here: ... 7e03c02ed7 I want anywhere from 2-10 in 10 or 15mm lengths in yellow/gold...
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    How to run full length cable outers without guides?

    As the title says, on a retro frame that doesn't have the guides for full length outers, or even any guides at all in some places. Preferably something unobtrusive, simple and that won't destroy the paint. Please don't say zip ties!
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    Experience with Chinese chainrings?

    Anyone had any experience with cheap Chinese chainrings like these? ... yd58shW2GQ Are they as durable as other aftermarket rings? Do they actually fit on cranks (I've had US made chainrings that didn't fit on cranks!)?
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    Cranks available in 172.5mm?

    The old Sugino mighty cranks are starting to show their age at the bb interface, so I'm looking for 172.5mm cranks and wondering what models are available, new or used. I don't care what the bcd or number of arms is, as long as chainrings are easy and cheap to get. None of this XTR...
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    Kona parts Klearout from Downunder

    All prices in Aussie dollars. Collection from eastern suburbs of Sydney or postage at buyer's expense. Happy to send international. For reference, minimum postage to UK is $20. Kona cable guide ('95) $10 [SOLD] Kona cable guide for 32mm seat tube (alu) ('96) $10 Kona front brake hanger ('96)...
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    96 Koa-splosion: budget bodge retromod

    Finally got my hands on a smaller sized retro Kona for the shorter members of the family. I forgot to take a "before" photo, but it was original spec in barely rideable condition. Long story short, I've torn her down and "modernised" her to 1X8 speed, short stem and v-brakes. I also upgraded a...
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    Quill stem or adapter for 1 1/8 steerer tube. Oz trade only.

    Looking for a short (less than 80mm) stem to fit a 1 1/8" steerer tube. Shorter is better. Don't care what the rise is like. This is to fit a threaded Kona P2 fork. Alternatively, a quill to ahead converter for 1 1/8 is good too! Happy to swap or pay, I have a couple of stems that will fit...