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  1. nstarmore

    USA built - Voodoo Wanga

    Back up for sale it seems
  2. nstarmore

    Muddy Fox Monarch

    Nice spot, think I'll have a crack at that
  3. nstarmore

    Trailstar82: Feedback

    Good honest chap, nice parts for a reasonable price, couldn't ask for more really.
  4. nstarmore

    Karma Left Out For The Scrap Man

    That's lovely, shame it's too far for me to collect, needs to be saved though
  5. nstarmore

    For Sale Seatpost Thomson price 65 euro

    What diameter is it? If 77.26mm I might be interested
  6. nstarmore

    For Sale Thomson Elite stem price 80 euro

    Would you be interested in a straight swap, i'll put it back in the tin if you want
  7. nstarmore

    For Sale Brake IBC never used price 280 euro

    Ahh I see, you mean never used on a bike... seen several years use as an anchor for a model boat though
  8. nstarmore

    Saracen Conquest for sale on LFGSS forum...

    That's a whole lot of awesome, I think the price is fair as well given how original it is, that said i'm glad the temptation is curtailed by it being too big for me!
  9. nstarmore

    For Sale SOLD - Manitou 2 Fork 1 1/4 Threadless

    Ok definately going to move these on as decided to stick with rigid setup on the bike. Any interest or offers before I put them on the bay of doom?
  10. nstarmore

    Muddy Fox 1984

    That's cool, wish I'd seen that myself it would have been nice to get some literature to go with my Muddy City. Likewise, never seen anything from that early. Excellent find.
  11. nstarmore

    For Sale 1992 Giant Terrago, small and very pink

    Ok, so story is, I picked this up a couple years back completely original and bloody clean and ashamed to say I pinched the groupset for something else, didn't know better then. Anyway as the frame was pretty immaculate but way too small for me I gave it to my sister to build back up and have a...
  12. nstarmore

    Wanted No longer open

    Are 8/9 speed freewheels a thing? Or did you mean cassette, I think I may have. Think I have an 8 speed cassette and possibly a triple road type mech going spare, will have a look later if they'll be any good to you.
  13. nstarmore

    Specialized Hard Rock / Lock (eBay)

    £500 for a late 90's Hard Rock, brilliant 😂
  14. nstarmore

    1991-2 ish Gary Fisher E Stay (Montare or Hoo koo e koo)

    And a Renault Avantime 😉
  15. nstarmore

    New member who is very happy with the forum.

    That kiddieback is cool, hoping my daughter will be interested enough for one in a few years, she loves the Cargo bike so fingers crossed. Also thats an interesting rear end on that dutch bike, bet that's got a comfy ride quality. Nice collection that, fair play.
  16. nstarmore

    Which bike to convert to Gravel?

    I've got a nitto one in my stash somewhere, not that easy to come by these days annoyingly
  17. nstarmore

    Karma Claimed - 1997 (I think) Gary Fisher Aquila frame only 15.5"

    Sorry, claimed now, forgot to update the title
  18. nstarmore

    A real one off on Facebook marketplace

    Roll up roll up, manage to not disfigure your face in the steering mechanism and win a half dead goldfish
  19. nstarmore

    Retro non QR options?

    I've used Halo Hex Skewers in the past, not super secure but should deter opportunists