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  1. Radrider

    Early 1990's Bontrager Dirt Drop - Syncros - Salsa - Chris King - GoreTex

    This is my Dirt Drop project. There is just something about the old Salsa Ala carte Jelly bean dirt drop builds that I find so cool and fun. I wanted to emulate that here with a different style but similar build. I think the military green really gets thrown off by flashy parts with decals...
  2. Radrider

    1987 Yeti FRO *landshark paint*

    wow...... Yetifro
  3. Radrider

    1998 Bontrager privateer / Chris King / Black Ops

    one nice teaser pic of this fresh build for now... Frame: 1998 Bontrager privateer Fork: 1999 Rock Shox SID Headset: Chris king Stem: Avid SAAGO Black Ops Bar: Sim works Levers: Avid speed dial ultimate Black Ops Brakes: Avid single digit ultimate Black Ops (Front Salsa brake booster) Cranks...
  4. Radrider

    Mystery Carbon FSA OGC mtb cranks square taper 384grams

    I cant find much info about these. But the weight is impressive(175mm crank length). I found the same shape arms with isis BB from the company Token from early 2000s.
  5. Radrider

    1991 Rocky Mountain Altitude *resto mod* SYNCROS

    Lots more planned, but this is how she sits today. Headset is a temporary solution to a steerer that is too long. Wheelset is also temporary as the bontrager racelite/chris king hubs didnt fit the front fork(spokes rubbing the legs) New bits include Sim Works handlebar/pedals, Paul levers, XTR...
  6. Radrider

    Cannondale Red Shred resto-mod 2 speed

    Resto mod :cool: frame/fork: Cannondale Red Shred SM900 - 1989 shifting: Dura-Ace 7800 front derailleur, Paul Melvin tensioner, XTR shifter brakes: Paul love levers, Shadow Conspiracy Sano U-brake, Avid Tri-Align canti with Wicked skull hanger cranks: Profile racing column 175mm, Profile BB...
  7. Radrider

    Wanted Looking for STD's from Syncros

    That is "system transfer device", the plate that holds two of the five chainring bolts in place on syncros forged cranks. Since a lot of these cranks snapped IM hopping there are some std's lying around :D
  8. Radrider

    Bontrager race lite bidding at $420cad😎
  9. Radrider

    How much are my grafton fat finger and wicked skull hangers worth?

    The unfinished are pre production from a storage container sold full of John Graftons stuff.(info from bikerecyclery)
  10. Radrider

    What year are these Bontrager Race Lite rims?

    Looking to gain some knowledge on the ceramic racelite rims pictured below. The bottom I know where built with Chris King hubs with the design modified by Bontrager for radial lacing. I'm guessing the top is a new version.
  11. Radrider

    Bontrager Rasta

    Old ripper with some new bits.
  12. Radrider

    Bontrager race lite 1993/4

    Here is a good lil find on the local classifieds. The owner says he think this is a 93/94 and was recalled the year of purchase for rust issues. He was sent this frame new with anti rust improvements as well as having it sprayed internally with anti rust compound. He didnt exactly lay it in thin...
  13. Radrider

    1989 Cannondale Red Shred resto mod v1

    Here she is, 1 year or so in the making, a 1989 Cannondale Red Shred. This is a resto-mod using almost all new parts from Paul, Sim Works and Profile racing. My goal was to build a cruiser that was solid as a BMX but fast and capable on different terrain. Unique to this ride is a front 2...
  14. Radrider

    mystery titanium - made in Colorado

    this is the only pic I have... Owner says the titanium sticker says "made in Colorado" on it. But there is no badge showing the manufacturer. Current guess is a Clark Kent, but boy is that titanium logo throwing me off.
  15. Radrider

    1998 Bontrager privateer comp Rasta

    Love this thing.. And I gotta say, feels wierd putting this in the "not retro" thread... The website needs to be adjusted if you ask me.. Should be 2000+---> not 1998+ 2000 was an era where it was all getting sorted and no more crazy ideas floating around. To me the retro bike era is 89-99 and...
  16. Radrider

    Cook's Quality Products CQP Titanium 177mm

    Found in some far away classifieds for $100CAD. Yup. Looks to be some odd welds on the non-drive side. Top and bottom spot welds 1" from the pedal threads. Repair, or? I had never before seen a ti version with the spherical* ends like the aluminum, usually they are cylinders on the ti ones...
  17. Radrider

    Rocky Mountain The Edge

    Slightly resto mod'd with the gear setup, but may swap to period correct when I come across the right parts.
  18. Radrider

    Vintage All Mountain - Green Cycles Hornet

    Recently rebuilt this with a period sorta correct vibe of a downhill/clunker modified XC bike from the mid 90's. Its really fun.
  19. Radrider

    Tech Lite cantilever brakes

    Beautiful rare cantis, made in USA.
  20. Radrider

    1999/2000 Rocky Mountain Blizzard

    Happy holidays, and an end to a year figuring out the build for this Blizzard, with an end an of era parts list.