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    Dave Lloyd Cat’s Wiskers resto-mod build

    A quick post ride celebratory post, so to speak. Recently acquired from here along with many of the parts. Thanks one and all for opening up your carefully hoarded goodies, keen pricing and wise counsel. Drum roll please… she rides like a dream. Super fast uphill and not too shabby downhill...
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    Wanted V brake levers XT or Avid

    Let me know what’cha got. Peace and love, H
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    Wanted Hope/Middleburn chainset.

    A retro mod build means I’m lurking in forums new. What you got? Please message me. Peace and love, H.
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    This build strides several forums, so I decided to pull all the stands together into one place... enjoy. Peace and love, H.
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    Wide 25.4mm diameter long flat alloy bars

    Hello Peeps, as it says I’m in need of the above. Essentially I’m looking for: Long as poss, ideally 700mm (?) Quality brand and component - ideally Ritchey, Syncros, Salsa and high up model ladder etc. Alloy only 25.4mm diameter Peace and love, H.
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    COTIC Soul Genuine decals Brand new

    Genuine full set of COTIC Soul decals. Comprises, head badge, X2 Soul decals, Down tube wrap and Reynolds 853 badge. I fancied new paint, but never got round to it. £30 plus postage at cost. Peace and love, H.
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    COTIC Soul L frame 26” wheel size

    Hello Peeps, and so my frame comes up for grabs. A COTIC Soul 26” wheel MTB frame only. Reynolds 853 main triangle with 4130 wishbone rear end. Seat tube: 480mm center of bb to top of seat tube /420mm centre of bb to top of top tube Top tube: 580mm centre to centre Head tube: 120mm 1 1/8”...
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    9 speed XTR/XT drive train group set

    Hello Peeps, more gravel riding has meant that I’m selling a great condition XTR/XT drive train. Sorry, but I will not part it out. Many, many miles left in it. Check out the pics for great condition. Sold as a group for £240 plus postage. Items as follows: Front Mech:XTR FD-M971 (NOS when...
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    Keep Calm and Keep Cycling (retro that is)

    You have to love this community of like minded souls. Earlier today whilst thumbing through RB’s pages I read a piece from a fellow biker and it encouraged me to get the ‘wheels’ of the wall. So, to lift my mood I’ve decided to ditch my well used gravel bike and commit my daily riding to all...
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    BNWOT Ritchey Forcelite bars

    25.4mm diameter / 560mm long. Garage clear out forces sale. Slight smudge on one of the screen print graphics from mounting only. Sadly, this won’t show up the pic. Help me to see the walls of the man cave again. £20 plus postage. Peace and love, H.
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    BNWOT Ritchey Forcelite silver bars

    25.4mm diameter, 560mm long. Perfect in every way. Selling as I don’t need them for my build. £20 plus postage. Nuff said. Peace and love, H.
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    XT M737 Hubs / Mavic 217 SUP wheel set.

    Carefully hoarded and now up for grabs. Very good condition and with little use. These would look great and perform brilliantly on any 26” ride. Please note one spoke is slightly kinked by the previous owner through over shifting. This does not effect use and as it’s covered by the cassette, so...
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    Ringle Zooka 1” steerer / 120mm long

    A nice Ringle Zooka up for grabs. This started out as purple, but the previous owner thought this was a crime, so it has been polished to a lovely alloy finish with new decals applied. Please note this is a used item, so please look at the pics as there are the odd trail mark. Help me fund the...
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    Pace Evo RC36 fork

    I’ve had some BOI forks made for my Yo Eddy, mentioned elsewhere on the forums, so very reluctantly I’m putting up for sale some rather lovely Pace Evo RC36 Forks. Cosmetically they are very good and go up and down. That said, I’ve only ridden them for a short test ride and not had them serviced...
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    1 1/8 steerer 230mm long

    Hey Guys, part of my hoard is up for grabs. 1 1/8 steerer 230mm long with star nut fitted. £25 posted Peace and love, H
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    Ritchey bars

    Hey Peeps, stage one of refurb funding in full effect. 1 x Ritchey Force Lite handle bar NOS 25.4 diameter / 560mm long: £15 (first two pics) 1 x Ritchey Force Lite handle bar mounted but never ridden vvg condition 25.4 diameter / 560 mm long £10 Postage at cost, peace and love, H
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    Silver non boost MTB SS disc hubs & 27.5 rims

    Morning Peeps, I’m on the lookout for a set of wheels for a bike I’m building. Ideally, I’d like a set of silver non boost single speed disc hubs on 27.5 (650b) rims. Failing that, I’d be keen to buy quality hubs or rims separately. Peace and love, H.
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    Chris King Headset 1 1/8 Silver

    Morning all, let me know if you’ve got one with pics and price please. Peace and love, H.
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    Yo Eddy BOI fork rake...

    Afternoon peeps. I’m on the hunt for the spec of the above fork so my frame builder can weld a set up. I have a 1996 Yo Eddy, which I believe is corrected for a 65mm 1 1/8th suspension fork. The new BOI fork needs an axle to crown measurement of 440mm (I think) and a measurement for rake, this...
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    Yo Eddy brake bosses - WTF?

    Afternoon peeps. Currently building up my 1997 Yo Eddy and unusual canti braze on (namely they don’t have the three holes for the V rake) have stopped me mounting some XTR M950 V brakes. Please see pic below. I know I can purchase some 3 hole plates that might slide down over the brake stud...