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  1. coomber

    Nice Saracen Kili Frame 1993 or 1994
  2. coomber

    S works, dura ace. 90s? Within 10 miles of me. Reckon someone is getting a bargain but did s works do a fillet braze as that's what it looks like? No idea on year as...
  3. coomber

    For Sale 26" single speed wheels **sold**

    **sold** 26" wheelset from my dead kona humu. £40 Rear unbranded black hub (might eve be the original from the 2005 kona) on Alex rims dm 24 rims (confusing name as it's a 26 inch wheel).160mm rotor. Bolt through solid axle Front deore m525 on sun rims ditch witch rim. 180mm rotor. Quick...
  4. coomber

    For Sale Pace carbon rigid forks. 1 18th

    Carbon rigid pace forks. Disc only. Weigh next to nothing. 1 and 1 8th 188mm steerer. Cosmetically legs are ok, area around the crown race is well used and marked. Functionally fine. Had them on my humu which died Would prefer pick up East Devon for a discount else I'll post for £35 if you...
  5. coomber

    29er wheels

    Quick release please. Pics and price please
  6. coomber

    Is to pm adaptor. 160mm SORTED

    And fixing bolts if you have them! All sorted. 300p on ebay
  7. coomber

    26" disc front QR wheel... now sorted

    Prefer a shimano hub. Something cheap please! Needs to be true, but can be scratched etc. It will be ridden. I'm in East Devon or else post please Thanks
  8. coomber

    Isis 113 bottom bracket

    As title new or VGC please.
  9. coomber

    26.8 and 27.0 posts , now sorted

    Cheap as possible. Not sure what size i need and vernier are broken Any condition posted to Devon
  10. coomber

    Saracen Kili Comp 1997 , 17"

    mint looking. Great deal for someone
  11. coomber

    Kona Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua'a Deluxe

    Sold a bike as had no space, then this came up local... Always wanted one, later models better for me as prefer discs as I ride modern these days. Only issue is one very very stuck seatpost. And the paint is awful. Loads of deep scratches and a few light rust patches. Thinking to...
  12. coomber

    Project 2 disc forks

    Older the better. For a humu so 410 axle crown ideal I think. 430 would do. Disc only. Have some v brake can trade with a 200mm steerer
  13. coomber

    Sold * karma Commencal Love frame

    from here. viewtopic.php?f=41&t=413810 Frame and seatpost clamp. Will fit the missing rivnut if I get the chance Seatpost dissolved, paint awful but a lovely frame that deserves to be built up. I've just got the bug again and something else came along. Doh Karma if you can collect from...
  14. coomber

    Hilariously priced kona kula 2006

    I get best offer will be lower but this is insane Chainsuck is bad, chainstay bridge shows worse signs of alloy corrosion, numerous bad scratches and a presumably duff BB to take out. I might be alone but aesthetics wise I really don't like having both...
  15. coomber

    QR disc hub or 29er rear wheel

    Few bids on eBay but after a wide 29er rear wheel, quick release OR a hub only
  16. coomber

    Pricey old explosive

    Seems pretty battered to me?
  17. coomber

    Bottle cage bolt stuck. With cage attached

    Latest piece of junk has turned up. Stuck seatpost I can deal with (I hope) although the owner has butchered it trying to seemingly stab it out. Anyway, it has some awful screwdriver headed soft aluminium bolt that is badly rounded and stuck fast keeping the bottle cage on. Any ideas how to...
  18. coomber

    Identify a frame! Wishbone content

    Not an inbred? On one?
  19. coomber

    Bottom bracket included How generous Sure it is in no way stuck (see pictures)
  20. coomber

    Rock Shox Judy XC Long travel ** sold £30 **

    180mm steered Not been used by me as didnt end up needing them. Stantions look mint. Lowers 8/10. Some Mark's on decals. Move up and down ok according to me in garage but not pulled them apart. Slight oil weep on one leg. After £30 East Devon plus postage (around a tenner). Will swap for...