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  1. LeeDevelopment

    NEMBA Hamsterley Forest 1994, yet which date was it?

    Hello, Has anyone kept the dates for NEMBA events of yore? I am trying to find out the date of the NEMBA Downhill race at Hamsterley Forest back in '94. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  2. LeeDevelopment

    Nice Post man

    Is that Spam I can smell.
  3. LeeDevelopment

    Professional photographic film developers sought.

    Hi, My loyalty to what was formerly MPS Photographic (then DigiLab and now Digitalab) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne has waned, where MPS were absolutely fantastic, today's Digitalab are, well, no so much. May I ask the old school photographers on here who they use for their film processing please...
  4. LeeDevelopment

    Custom fork spring company?

    Does anyone know of a company that makes springs suitable for forks at all please? Thank you.
  5. LeeDevelopment

    More Marzo questions, which 7.5 oil?

    Hello again, About to put the Z2s back together, can anyone give me the heads up with which 7.5 oil to use please? Thank you.
  6. LeeDevelopment

    98 Z2 Spring length and outer diameter query

    Sadly don't have my forks to hand at the moment. Can anyone tell me the length of the springs in 98 Z2 forks (the red ones) and their outer diameter please? Thank you.
  7. LeeDevelopment

    Some bits and pieces on eBay; Manitou, Ringle, Syncros, Hope

    Syncros Bottom Bracket: ... 4191073460 Ringle Moby Shaft 31.6: ... 4191025911 Manitou 3 or 4 brace: ... 4190994441 Hairline Crack Hope Hub...
  8. LeeDevelopment

    A few bits & pieces up on eBay; FTW, Hope, Sun-Ringle, e*13

    Frank the Welder FB13 frame: ... 4195258650 Sun Ringle ADD Pro Rims: ... 4190937300 Sun-Ringle BlackFlag Rims: ... 4190940391 Sun-Ringle Charger-Pro Hubs...
  9. LeeDevelopment

    X-Heavy Springs & Blue Adjustment knobs for 98 Z2 BAM Sought

    Does anyone have a 80mm x-heavy spring kit and/or a pair of the top caps blue adjustment toggles in good condition at all please? Thank you, Lee.
  10. LeeDevelopment

    Any late-90's Marzocchi experts on here?

    In the preliminary stages of over-hauling a Z2 BAM from 1998/99, the red ones. Would like to change the top adjusters from red to blue - is there anywhere I can look for these items other than eBay please? Additionally has anyone fitted the contemporary enduro (blue) seals, if so, are they good...
  11. LeeDevelopment

    A lesson in how to send retro parts....

    Dyna-Ti had a pair of rims up for sale which I took off his hands.... they arrived today in this custom wooden box, exactly how amazing is this?! Thank you Andy. Lee.
  12. LeeDevelopment

    Extra heavy springs for Marzocchi Z1 & Z2 forks?

    Can anyone tell me where I may look for some extra heavy weight springs for a 96 Marzocchi Z1 and a slightly later Z2 BAM please? Thank you.
  13. LeeDevelopment

    Small Yeti Pro FRO on Pinkbike, States only ... firstphoto
  14. LeeDevelopment

    Non-Disk Hadley Hubs?

    Do they even exist? Does anyone know if Hadley ever produced their hubs without the disk mounts?
  15. LeeDevelopment

    Contact for Hadley?

    Does anyone have an email address for Hadley Hubs perchance? I know there is a telephone number alas my ears don't work. Thank you.
  16. LeeDevelopment

    Wanted - Mavic D521 Rim

    Hiya, Looking for a silver D521 rim, preferably NOS, in either a 32h or 36h flavour, can anyone help please? Thank you, Lee.
  17. LeeDevelopment

    Memory failing me..... Hope BULB query

    Did Hope make a BULB hub without the disk mounts? Trying to find some decent hubs circa 97/98 And failing :(
  18. LeeDevelopment

    Dirt Magazine Issue 18 Nov/Dec 1999

    Does anyone have a copy of this issue that I may take off their hands for a small fee pleaae? Thank you.
  19. LeeDevelopment

    Are the 20mm Ringle DHO/Boxxer hubs hard to find?

    I may be looking for a non-disk 20mm axle Ringle/Boxxer/DHO hub shortly.... are these hard to find out there?
  20. LeeDevelopment

    Any Mavic/Shimano experts on here?

    Would it be possible to fit the newer 12 speed micro spline drive to the grey Mavic CrossMax SX wheels do you know?