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    1995 Kona Hei Hei

    In the mid 90s I absolutely adored Kona and Rocky Mountain bikes. My buddy picked up a Hahanna halfway through high school at the bike shop where I worked for my "work experience" term and our gym class did a chapter on mountain biking. I didn't have a real bike but there were a few guys in...
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    Wanted Kona 31.8mm Dog Collar & Control Center Headset

    Looking for a 31.8mm Kona Dog Collar seat post clamp and a Control Center Headset. I'm in Canada, but will consider international as well. Thanks for looking!
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    Wanted Wanted: 20.5" 1998 Rocky Mountain Blizzard Frame or Frame & Fork

    As the title says.. looking for a 1998 RM Blizzard in XL/20.5" size. Frame only or Frame & Fork preferred. I'm in Canada. Thanks!
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    WTB: '95 Kona-vintage threaded headset & 1" quill stem

    Looking for a '95-period correct Kona headset and 1" quill stem. -Velocity or Impact stem, doesn't really matter. It's for a 1-1/8" P2 I recently picked up. -Kona (or Syncros) stem, 130-150mm reach, 1" quill Prefer Canadian seller.. Let me know what you have, Thanks
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    '95 Kona Kiluaea - Fork Specs

    I have a 20" '95 Kona Kiluaea Race Light I'm slowly rebuilding to factory spec, but I'm stuck on a fork. According to Bikepedia and other catalog sources, it came with a P2 or a Marzocchi XCR fork. If I want a period correct P2, what crown-to-axle length should I look for? Was it a triple...
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    WTB: Kona Project 2 Fork

    I have a P2 Fork with a cut 8" (200mm) steerer, but it's too short. Looking for one with an uncut steerer, or one with at least 9" (230mm). Please reply with what you've got and whether you'll ship to Canadaland (I'll pay shipping, of course). Muchos thanks. Edit: Would prefer a...
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    New to me: 1995 Kona Kilauea

    Long story short, I bought a '98 Rocky Mountain Blizzard when I was still in school, but since then I've grown out of it. I've been looking long and hard for a replacement steel hardtail and I think I've found it. I picked up a 1995 Kona Kilauea frame today. From the serial number it...