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    For Sale Pace RC200 Disc Brake Kit - Forks, Wheels, Brakes

    Everything you need to fit an Pace RC200 with disc brakes. I used them on an 16” F5 but they will fit others. I'm sure I've seen these brakes fitted to an Orange Clockwork as well. Obviously the front will fit any bike that takes the Pace fork. Comes with: RC36 pro class. Forks work but would...
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    Orange Prestige

    As usual, saying I wasn’t going to do another bike went out the window when i saw this. An Orange with the fade paint job is something I’ve wanted for years and just never got one. This is going to wait probably till the winter and I’ll get all the parts together. Something else will have to go...
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    Front Suntour XC Cantis - Not SE ones

    As above, looking for a non SE set of Suntour Cantis. XC Pro or Comp. Doesn't need to have straddles or pads. Good usable condition preferred. Thanks
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    1990 Kona Fire Mountain

    In the middle of another build but this "appeared" and I couldn't pass on it. It's not in brilliant condition and missing the matching forks which is a total PITA. Not going to do much with it at the moment apart from look for 1" threaded P2 forks and stem and start on the paintwork. Plan to...
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    Kona Project 2 Forks 1" Threaded

    After a set of 1" Project 2 forks. Threaded steerer If they were in blue splatter for the 89/90 Fire Mountain, that would be ideal but accept that is unlikely. Cheers
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    Pace RC200 F3

    Despite saying I wouldn't build any more bikes, I was idly browsing FB and this frame popped up. Localish to me. I dropped the seller a message and after a socially distanced meeting and a great chat about bikes, it was mine. Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr I'm going to endeavour to do a proper...
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    Raleigh USA Peak 92

    I'm more a lurker than regular poster on here but thought I'd post up pics of my recent build. Like a lot of bikes I guess, it appears to have been on here in the past in a different form. I bought it as a bare frame a couple of years ago. It's a Raleigh Canada bike, so has somehow made it...
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    Ringle H20 cage. Blue or silver

    As above looking for a preferably blue or silver cage. Doesn’t have to be perfect but nothing knackered. Thanks.
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    L/H MT62 Deore II thumbshifter

    After a L/H Front mech Deore II 7spd shifter to make a set with a lonely R/H one. Doesn’t have to be perfect but nothing missing top cap. Thanks
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    Cosmic Trail Frame Bag

    After one of these, that fits into the frame and can be used to carry the bike. Any colour really, probably not pink though.
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    Shimano m732 rear qr skewer

    Looking for a rear skewer. The one with the rubber cover on the lever. Ideally need the rear but I use a front one if the rubber cover is intact. Cheers
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    Original Panaracer Timbuk II Set

    An original set of Panaracer Timbuk II. I don't think these are the reissued ones as there is no coloured logo. Late 80's? The sidewalls are very dry and a bit crumbly. They still hold air though with no cracks. However would recommend using them for display only. Tread on one is very good...
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    USE Bar end wedges & bolts

    After the little "D" shaped wedges and bolts that hold USE bar ends to the handlebars. Could probably make do with just finding the wedges as the bolts will be standard. Not bothered about colour as they will be inside the bars. Anyone got anything, will take a full set of bar ends if cheap...
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    Marin Rigid Rockstar Forks 11/8

    After a set of these. 11/8. Threaded. They are for a 17.5" frame so the headtube is around 150mm. I can do some more accurate measurements if anyone has a set. Going to be repainted, so not bothered on colour or cosmetic condition. There is a set in the for sale but they are threadless and...
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    1991 Marin Pine Mountain Build

    This is going to be a long one! I've always liked the Zolatone Marins and picked up this '91 Pine Mountain frame from a bike recycling place local to me. It needs repainting as the seatpost appears to have been removed using heat which ruined the paint. I have a DX groupset waiting for it and...
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    M737 SPD right hand pedal or axle

    As above, looking for a right hand (drive side) m737 SPD. Only need the axle so any condition will do. Will take a pair if cheap enough! Cheers
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    Syncros 3rd Gen Seatpost 29.4 - SOLD

    For sale, my Syncros Seatpost which I believe is 3rd gen. It's 29.4mm dia so ideal for a Pace RC200 or a Fat Chance. It's 330mm long. Good usable condition, some wear and marks but nothing too bad. Wear to logos as can be seen in the photos. £40 posted in the UK? Overseas we can discuss...
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    My Retro bikes

    I'm more of a lurker but thought I'd post up my little group. Finally got them all working although I guess never finished. The Raleigh I've had since new, the Orange and Marin both bought as frames (ebay and from here) and built up. None of them are remotely OEM but built up with a mix of...