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    Jack Taylor Super Clubman

    Hi All, After years of wanting but not finding / affording a Jack Taylor, I picked up a 1982 Super Clubman a couple of days ago. I live about two miles from the Taylor's original shed and about three from the workshop so its very special to have one in my garage. This bike has been...
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    Carlton / Roller-cam

    Any thoughts on this Carlton bike with roller-cam brakes? Year, model, quality etc?
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    Martrac - fillet brazed, Reynolds 753 ?

    I picked this up a couple of weeks ago. I'll tell what i know, but there is very little info available about the builder so if you know anything else, please shout up. Martrac were frame builders in Middlesbrough, run by a brother and sister called Martin & Tracy. They made mostly track...
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    Overbury's Pioneer

    I've picked up what i believe is an Overbury's Pioneer. I've got limited knowledge about it. I'd have dated it about 1988, but the crank arms date to April / May 89 (FD dates to 88) so i guess it's an 89. As you can see, it's got a Suntour roller-cam on the rear. It's been rattle-canned...
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    Campag Euclid

    Over the next few months I'm going to need the following Campag Euclid parts: Front deraileur Rear deraileur Chainset Pedals Seat post Seat QR 2 sets of rubber spring covers for u-brake May also consider similar Campag parts and while a wheelset isn't a priority, let me know if you're selling...
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    Suntour XC Pro Pedals

    Excellent condition. Silky smooth bearings. £85 posted.
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    Kona Seat-post Cable Guide

    I have a 95 Lava Dome that has a seat collar cable guide for the rear canti brake. Where the inner cable goes along the top tube, it has a very thin plastic outer which goes through the guide. (I hope this makes sense, but I think if you know, you know) I am wondering - A. what this thin...
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    Lava Dome BB size

    I've got a 95 Lava Dome that's going retro-mod. It's away at the painters at the minute and I could do with sorting out a bottom bracket while it's away. Anyone know the details I'll need - size etc? Thanks.
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    Colnago Sport & Locally built frame.

    I've been asked by a friend to help her dad sell a couple of 80s road bikes that he's had since bitd, so I've been to look at them. Both have been painted so accurately identifying them is the first step. Bike One. I was told that the first is a 'Colnago Columbus' which he'd bought at a local...
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    Can anyone recommend good accommodation for Morzine 2021? There will be 3 or 4 of us - catered or self-catered is fine. Our flights on 5th July have been cancelled and quarantine is still in effect, but Riders Refuge have refused to move our booking to next season and kept our £400 deposit...
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    What do we think this is?

    I just bought this for my mate for commuting & light touring - only £80 but what do we think it is? Components are a mix of campag, stronglight & Shimano with Mavic Open wheels. Its been powder coated and the only decal is a 531 sticker. It'd be good to tell him what he's riding. Cheers.
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    Mavic Citron Wheelset

    Looking for a Mavic Citron wheelset in nice condition with quality non-disc hubs. Happy to buy or trade. I've got a pair of red Hope ti sus & glide hubs on Airline 1 rims that I've got no plans for. I'm located in the North East.
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    Hope Hub Help

    I've got a Hope Ti Glide hub which is freewheeling both ways. Any info about twinkling m resolving this would be appreciated, cheers.
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    1962 Viking Conquest

    I picked this up yesterday because I liked the wrecked paintwork, On picking it up I discovered it includes hand painted 'improvements in a number of areas. It's only my second ever road bike, with the first being modern, so my knowledge on these things is close to none. My initial plan is to...
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    Airline 1 rims any good?

    Are Vuelta Airline 1 rims any good? I've picked up a pair in nice condition with quality hubs & just wondering whether to use them on a build.
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    What would be a

    I'm going to pick up a 1962 Viking tomorrow, and believe I might be offered this Vitus at too. It's has traditional lugs and a mix of components inc campag. I'm not planning to buy it, but at what price would I be a fool to leave it? Cheers.
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    Muddy Fox Alu Lite

    I've got this MF Alu-Lite which has a snapped drive-side chain-stay near the BB. It came covered in XT, Hope & X-Lite so I'm guessing it was one of their better models? Possibly made by someone else? I won't use the bike, so my question is: is it worth repairing? (there is a local alloy welder...
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    Should I buy my first vintage road bike?

    Having only had a road bike (modern) for the last 18 months, my knowledge is hugely limited, so forgive my ignorance. I like older stuff and have numerous old mtb, and wish my road bike could take wider tyres to deal with a bit of light gravel. I've seen an early 60s Viking which is really...
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    WTD. Tracer Chainset

    Early - Mid 80's Tracer chainset needed for a Ridgeback survivor. Cheers.
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    WTD. Shimano AL11 Rear Mech

    Shimano AL11 rear mech wanted. Condition not too important as its for a survivor. Cheers.