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  1. fearfactoryüberalles

    Freshly found - 1992 Schwinn Buell SASS Paramount

    Took me 5 years to scrape a NOS XC Pro set together, while this guy casually pulls it out of a box-jealous as hell. Bloody amazing, have some fun on it!
  2. fearfactoryüberalles

    Newby here - Which bike would you choose?

    Easy, DB all the way. Way underrated bikes just like Unvegas of the same era.
  3. fearfactoryüberalles

    Race Face North Shore XS sq.taper BB spindle length-HELP!

    Hi all, I bought some nice mint cranks, 110/74 BCD, made by Race Face, called North Shore XS. I'll use them on a Sunn TI frame, with a 68 mm BSA BB shell. Anyone knows the requried BB spindle length for this crankset, please? Couldn't find any info about them so far, I suspect they were made in...
  4. fearfactoryüberalles

    Reaching the real retro core...

    Not many like this available I guess:
  5. fearfactoryüberalles

    Modern wheelset for classic bike?

    SunXCD hubs/rims?
  6. fearfactoryüberalles

    For Sale Exage/Mountain LX/DX/M739 XT stuff: NOS & USED!

    Too dear? Make me an offer I can't refuse! Happy to do bundle deals too! :cool:
  7. fearfactoryüberalles

    For Sale Exage/Mountain LX/DX/M739 XT stuff: NOS & USED!

    Hi all, I got these parts for sale. BUMPER PACK SALE: 390 GBP + POSTAGE! Exage parts: NOS 36H F&R hubs,7 speed, 100/130 mm, QR axle is included, an old XT 36H smooth M730 front hub with solid axle also included. 50 GBP Old Shimano 36H hubset: Rear is 126 mm NOS, screw-on cassette, front is...
  8. fearfactoryüberalles

    Sold Ritchey fork

    Dibs! PM is incoming! Cheers, Endre
  9. fearfactoryüberalles

    A top-end Scott in disguise-or what?!

    Thanks for your info fellas. The weight alone is showing that's no run-of-the-mill Scott Pro Racing as they are usually over 1.9-2.0 kg in this size. Now I suspect the maker being some far eastern factory which was familiar working on either Scott or Ritchey frames-I think the original paint...
  10. fearfactoryüberalles

    Stuck/fused pedals. What’s the solution?

    I hate to say I told you so...finally you tried it hard enough! :cool:
  11. fearfactoryüberalles

    A top-end Scott in disguise-or what?!

    Recently bought a frame which had been to hell & back- my retro senses signalled a nice deal so I got it from Germany in this rather sorry state: No dents, only fd clamp marks on the rather thin seattube-I can live that. I assumed it's an early 90's Scott Pro Racing, I think it's from 1994...
  12. fearfactoryüberalles

    Unsticking UN72 cups - advice

    Shimano's special material under the NDS cup causes this anomaly-I'd use some gentle taps, BB body firmly held in hand, put a screw into the axle and tap on it lightly, even with a rubber hammer- so far no wrecked BB using this method...😚
  13. fearfactoryüberalles

    Sold Ritchey fork

    Second in line, please!
  14. fearfactoryüberalles

    XTR M900 band sizes

    It will fit, but if you are up for a challenge, endless band type top pull M900 mechs do exist...:oops:
  15. fearfactoryüberalles

    For Sale Avocet A+se-rests times four - female and male perches

    Hi, can I have the first one-160 mm wide Male version-please? PM is incoming! Cheers, Endre