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  1. randomdan

    SOLD: 1988 Marin Bear valley project

    I have a bit of a lack of space issue - so I'm letting this one go, looking for around the £120 mark It's been used as a commuter, so various parts have been changed out over time Frame: Size 18.5", Paint not perfect, theres rust spots here and there and around the chainstay has a lot of paint...
  2. randomdan

    S&G/Araya "muddy city", mid 1980s city bike frame ... SwsnFe1OZV This is a "muddy city" S&G by araya frame, I know this because I have one that I restored in this thread local to me, I Might be able to help with collection/courier if anyones interested.
  3. randomdan

    Tatty 1997 Orange C16R Project **NOW SOLD**

    Tatty but with potential - hence looking for around 80 Quid Frame in Slime green, lots of paint loss and surface rust Decals knackered, Black F7 fork Wheels are FIR rims the original orange factory stickers just about still attached XT rear mech, newer Deore front mech. front shifter missing...
  4. randomdan

    Re: GT Karakoram 1994 project 120 quid *SOLD*

    1994 GT purple Karakoram frame with white forks Forks may not be original but are GT Bike has clearly been ridden enjoyed and upgraded, some chips and rather period decals, onza, troy Lee, race face, etc Stem is bontrager, bars GT WTB saddle minor damage, think the seatpost I think may be USE no...
  5. randomdan

    What is it? Looks 80s

    I've no idea what this is, but looks like an 80s beast with early cantis and bullmoose bars, I even wonder if its muddy fix. Might be tat, but its for a fiver and local, so I'm off to get it... Anybody know? Photos are terrible but I'm happy to take a punt
  6. randomdan

    Rocky mountain element frame 1997, with shock and spares

    Hey there retrobikers I've decided bouncy frames isn't for me, and I have some storage issues right now, so with slight reluctance I'm parting with this rather nice early rocky mounain element frame from 1997 Issues: 1 The paintwork is DIY and isn't great, has chips and marks, is somewhat dull...
  7. randomdan

    For light resto - Marin muirwoods 1991, zolatone

    Hey there retro people Got a Muirwoods from 1991, it's a bit tatty and it's been a rider, everything works but it's probably worth stripping down to clean and re-grease. The tyres are modern folders, but the rear feels lumpy, so it needs a bit of attention or a new tube perhaps? Left shifter...
  8. randomdan

    Saracen traverse hydrotec for restoration

    Sellling a Traverse Hydotec from around 1990, there's some peelage on a few decals, but mostly there. The stem has been changed to a Tioga T-Bone, the headset's an avenger. Groupo is LX, and has magura hyrdro brakes, Tioga Psycho tyres with probably about a 2/3 wear on one tyre. Left shifter...
  9. randomdan

    Gumtree Chesterfield - Klien Pulse race 1997 or 1998 £100

    I think... ... 1286855310
  10. randomdan

    Cleaning up drivetrain bits- what techniques and substances?

    So... I was in the man cave trying to get the built up crud from a aluminum crank cog the other day, and it made me think. What do other people do to get the really hard baked-on crud from off of deralurs, cranks, cassettes and other cruddy parts? I'm not talking light deposits here, what I...
  11. randomdan

    1984 S&G by Araya "Muddy City"

    Gonna take some imagination this one :roll: I've always fancied a muddy fox project. the 80's couriers with the white paint and yellow decals. But.. why do that when you can buy a shopping bike :lol: Anyhow I think it might have potential... Components are all early '80s Japanese SR...
  12. randomdan

    On one cro mo fork.. Disk only 1+1/8

    Cromo fork Same model is sill for sale on one' s website for 79 quid. Nice long steerer measures 205mm 35 quid
  13. randomdan

    Zolatone Marin Muirwoods - 1991 - £55 Mansfield

    Not mine but local to me... looks in good shape for it's age ... SwTIhaXoQZ
  14. randomdan

    slightly frankinstiened Zaskar with an odd start price.. ... SwEEBaRRNl
  15. randomdan

    Tidy small '92 Saracen traverse on gumtree £100 - sheffield ... 1279566400 Not mine, looks tidy
  16. randomdan

    26.8 Shimano XT seatpost

    Anybody have one lying around by any chance? I mean the old steel ones they made from 88-91.. usually black
  17. randomdan

    Hint of purple: orange clockwork

    I've posted this bike before, have had it a few years now and keep tinkering with it so I thought I'd share. it's a 1992 Clockwork with a bit of Suntour XC pro and ltd, magura brakes and a few nice retro bits here and there as and when I feel the urge to change something. Today I've added some...
  18. randomdan

    Biopace 36T in black

    As title... anyone got one with teeth?
  19. randomdan

    Back of the shed sale - reduced prices and additions 03/12

    Prices include UK postage all gone...
  20. randomdan

    Early orange Prestige project

    Got my winter project sorted, chuffed to bits with what I've just brought for a measly few quid - although I have to say it's not in the best of states, and it's going to be a long road to get it to be as good as I want it to be.. Lets start this out with the "upgrades" :lol: