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  1. caemis

    Wanted 29" steel singlespeed frame

    hi, i am looking for a nice steel singlespeed frame for 29(+) tires. Size wise I would probably go with a "M" compared to most of the avaiable geo charts. I would love something with track dropouts over slider or ebb and rear spacing of 135/142. Thanks! -caemis-
  2. caemis

    Withdrawn 1970s track frameset and Dura Ace Pista hub

    hi! for sale is this beautiful italian track frameset from mid/late 70s. Made in the workshop of tecnotelai, it was most likely build by Orazio Grenzi. The frameset is structural sound and has only some paint chips, etc. • ST 59cm c-t • TT 57cm c-c • HT 17cm / 1" BB BSA standard 26.8...
  3. caemis

    Sorted .

  4. caemis

    Withdrawn Track/Path-Racer Frameset 50-70s

  5. caemis

    For Sale PAUL Singlespeed Wheelset (mid 90s)

    Hi, after the Lobster has sold the wheelset is left over. Most certainly one of the more rare to find sets, because of the early made rear hub. Legend tells, its one of a handful of preproduction hubs Paul Price made for some crazy guys on single speeds and prisoner cloths (Blue Collar/Ventana...
  6. caemis

    Sold 1993 Rock Lobster Singlespeed - frameset

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi! After a very long process of thinking and overthinking it all over again, I decided to part with my 1992/3 Rock Lobster Singlespeed frameset. The reasons for it are manifold but money isn't one of them. Hence a fixed price and I'll keep the final decision to whom I...
  7. caemis

    Withdrawn Frame - Steel, Lugs, Clearance

    SORTED - SORTED - SORTED - SORTED Hi, for a project currently forming in my head, I am looking for a frame(set) with following specs: • 1" and longish HT (~15-20cm) • tire clearance at least 38mm (700c) • TT (c-c) 56.5 (+- 1) • ST up to 58cm • some Reynolds 531 would be nice - but it does...
  8. caemis

    Withdrawn Lugged frame - long headtube

    Hi there! I am looking for a lugged frame (set) with following specs: • long 1" headtube (at least 15cm) • shortish TT (~ 56cm c-c) • semi horizontal dropouts Thanks a lot!
  9. caemis

    Wanted 135 Fixed Gear Hub or Surly Fixxer

    Hi, I am looking for either a fixed gear hub (or singlespeed hub with disc) or a Surly Fixxer... Silver would be prefered as are 32° but I don't mind a different color or 36°… Shipping would be to Germany. Thanks, M.
  10. caemis

    Sorted 700c fork with canti studs

    hi! i am looking for a nice 700c fork with canti studs, 1" threaded steerer, with approx. lenght of 13-14cm max. thx! m.
  11. caemis

    Wanted Fixed Gear Hub 130/135 36°

    hi there! i am looking for a fixed gear hub with 130/135mm spacing and 36°… silver would be great but i dont mind other colors as well. shipping would be to germany. best wishes, m.
  12. caemis

    Wanted Matt Chester Ti 700c frame(set)

    Hi there! I assume that it is highly unlikely to get a second Matt Chester frame on here but I'll try it anyway. I am specifically and only looking for a Chester with a 700c plattform, i.e. the Indie Rock model or the MutinityMan. Sizing should fit my 6ft. Trackends are obvious and rear brake...
  13. caemis

    WatD: 1" cross fork with long steerer

    Hi, I am looking for a cross (i.e canti studs) fork for my 1970s Gazelle. Steerer should have approx. 24cm, of course 1" threaded. Thank you for your help! m. PS: Shipping would be to Germany
  14. caemis

    WTD: Dirt Drop Setup & Forks

    Hi there, for my new 89 RockHopper I am looking for a dirt drop setup, of course 1" quill for the stem. Preferable a 3TTT WB1 bar, as I like it and ride on my Lobster and a Nitto or even 3TTT stem (steel for sure) as well. Stem lenght should be around 110-120mm with rise between 15-30° ... For...
  15. caemis

    Wtd: 1" fork with long steerer

    Hi there, for my fixed gear project (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=422317) I am looking for a fork. 1" with 24cm steerer (incl. threading). Some Reynolds 531 or something else from the 1970s would be cool. Thanks a lot! Marco
  16. caemis

    1970s Gazelle Sprinter - A Fixed Gear Rescue Project

    Hi! A couple of weeks ago I found the rolling chasis of a Gazelle Sprinter bike abandoned on the street. The stem already unprofessionally removed and in an overall state of decline I decided to attempt a rescue... My knowledge of Gazelle and in particular of the Sprinter modell still is...
  17. caemis

    wtd: frame(set) - steel - 1988-1991

    Hi there, I am looking for a nice frame(set) from the late 80s up to 1991. Some specs: - steel - TT (c-c) around 58cm - cantilever brake bosses (no RC/Ubrake) I thought of Serotta T-Max, Fat Chance, Brodie, Ibis, or since this is retrobike: an Overbury's! As for the price, I'd like to stay...
  18. caemis

    WTD: single speed/fixed gear frameset

    hi there! i am looking for a cross/gravel frame(set) with clearance for about 700x45c tires, singlespeed/ fixed ready (i would prefer track ends) in steel or ti. size: around a 57.5 tt (+- 1cm) shipping would be to germany. thank you for looking! cheers, caemis
  19. caemis

    WTD: Stems 1" and 1 1/4

    Hi there, I am looking for a couple of stems: - 1" steel, quilt, highrise and max 120mm; suitable for dropbars - 1 1/4" quilt, 10-20°, 120mm with cable guide/roller Thanks!
  20. caemis


    Hi, due to some changing circumstances I need a frame(set) with following specs: - steel - 22-22.5" TT (c-c); sloping! - 1 1/8" HT prefered - long(ish) HT - standard vertical dropouts - late 80s/early 90s would be nice Swaps woould be possible (i.g. a Mavic Gao Dakar wheelset 100/130 with...