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  1. foz

    Sold Kalloy 25.0mm seatpost

    As in title... Scratched, but works, could probably be polished out... Maybe... 3 quid to cover postage and it's yours GONE
  2. foz

    Sold KARMA Deore LX FH-M565 32h rear hub GONE!

    I was karma'd this a fair while ago but haven't used it and don't need it so am passing it on. Freewheel is good, general condition is good but the bearings are crunchy. I don't have tools here to take apart and check, but judging by the good condition of the outside, the insides probably just...
  3. foz

    Sorted 1" aheadset

    Preferably silver but black will do. Good condition please!
  4. foz

    Wanted 1" steerer Sus. forks - pace, manitou, etc

    For my KHS... Must be 1" so probably something from the 90's. Pace, manitou, or similar... Even girvin would be nice :) Preferably in full working order but will consider a set that needs work if they're not trashed and the price is right. Update - can be either threaded or ahead. Will measure...
  5. foz

    Wanted Mavic D521, 40 hole

    Might be a long shot, but they did make them... Preferably CD colour, would consider rim, a pair, or even wheels WHY?
  6. foz

    Swapping Shimano DT gear lever internals?

    Before I start messing, does anyone know if it's possible? I have two sets of 6400 gear levers, one is 7 speed, one is 8. The levers themselves on the 7 speed ones are excellent condition, the 8 speed ones aren't. But I'd like to use the 8 speed ones... So, is it possible to swap the internals...
  7. foz

    Wanted 1" ahead stem, 120-130mm, silver, for 26.0mm bars

    Anyone got one? Decent condition please
  8. foz

    For Sale Sony Hi8 camcorder, digital camera, PSION II XP organiser, ZX81...

    Some of this is pre-98 so definitely retro :lol: some of it is just old and out of date but from what I've seen there is still a market for Hi8 stuff... Sony Hi8 camcorder: Psion II XP organiser: Sony Cyber-shot...
  9. foz

    Sold 26" wheels, DX, mavic 217

    Bought last year, won't be able to use them though (don't ask - covid and Brexit both to blame...) Deore DX hubs, mavic 217 rims, 36 hole, including 7 speed cassette, original skewers, Michelin Wildgripper lite tyres and tubes. Unused and unfettled by me - hubs are smooth but need regreasing...
  10. foz

    Sold Mavic X317 disc only rims, 26", 32h

    Bought last year but no longer needed, pics soon. Just looking for what I paid, so 40 quid posted (or 35 collected from Gateshead area)
  11. foz

    Have just seen this: I hope there's some way of stopping Sheldon from disappearing, it's one of it not the best references for many things, especially older parts and equipment that are not really relevant to modern...
  12. foz

    rescuing photos from photobucket

    I was sure I'd seen a thread on this but can't find it so apologies if I'm repeating the question... since photobucket decided to charge several months (years?) ago, I have ignored them. But I have lots of photos there that I can't download without signing up to the paid service. Is there any...
  13. foz

    extending ahead fork steerer

    I have a giant cadex, with the original threaded steerer alloy fork which is very flexy and doesn't inspire a large amount of confidence. I took a chance on a carbon fork with a steel ahead steerer last year. The steerer is a little short, but long enough for the frame, headset, and about half...
  14. foz

    Wanted Canti brake rocker thingy

    Something like the ones found on Pace forks, tektro do them too... only one, for a standard steel rigid fork. Anyone got one in good condition that they don't need?
  15. foz

    Fork crown mounted canti brake rocker things

    Like the ones found on Pace forks, and I think Cannondale used them too... some tektro or similar after market ones are still available. Do they work? any problems with them? Am having trouble with the cabling on my DY tourer and maybe one of these would do the trick
  16. foz

    Dave Yates custom wayfarer

    Made to measure in 2002, took me round Australia and New Zealand in 2003, and has been in storage ever since. It was built with a mix of parts before (there's a thread somewhere, link in my sig). The plan is deore DX all over except for the brakes, which are suntour XC pro with SE rear, and...
  17. foz

    End of year clearout

    I'm trying to reduce the amount of bikes and parts I have so all this needs to go! I will add more parts as I find them, pics will be added soon. 1. Campagnolo Record chainset, 172.5mm, 53/39 10 speed rings. Good condition, some light heel rub and scratches. 55 GBP posted (pics below) 2...
  18. foz

    Zeus Supercronos / Campag Record groupset + wheels

    Still trying to reduce the amount of bikes and stuff I have, this is really nice and I'll regret selling it, but here we go... an almost complete Zeus Supercronos / Campag Record groupset, all in very good and little used condition: Zeus supercronos rear mech Zeus supercronos chainset (170mm...
  19. foz

    pedals - various pairs

    a few sets of pedals that I have no use for: 1. Look PP76. decent condition. 20 GBP posted 2. Shimano PD6401. Light marks and logos rubbed off, but they look like they've hardly ever been clipped into! 25 GBP posted 3. Shimano PD-6207. Clips (rusty but useable), triangular plates and...
  20. foz

    Campagnolo Record (NR/SR?) gear levers

    All parts included, good condition 25 GBP posted (please note I probably can't post until August) Pic soon