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    Sold Marin Palisades 1991 #Zolatone #Fluro

    Any interest in this for £80 big ones? Located in Greenwich. Can post if I can find a box. All original apart from Deore cranks (not pictured, fitted with original black biopace rings), cassette, chain, pedals and grips (need replacing) and tyres. Seat cover is I think a replacement and the...
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    Wanted Any middle biopace rings out there in black?

    Subject says it all. For my ‘89 stumpjumper build but not too fussy as long as presentable. Cheers.
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    What is this Indian Fire Trail? Looks like a '95 frame (with the box section chain stays)? 1992 stickers and a mix of mostly later components - although rear brake and stem look 1992 curiously. Any ideas?
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    Wanted Now sorted : Peace sign canti hangers silver or black

    Looking for a pair for reasonable money, rather than collectors item, so repro would be ideal.
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    1993 Team Marin in Gatwick area A great shame about the frame rust because the components look A. Think these are nickel plated is that right?
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    Shimano U-brake, pref. black XT

    Bought a rusty 1990 Stumpjumper frame in a thoughtless moment thinking my daughter could use a small bike and I would get a project. You know how it is. Looking for half-decent condition please : doesn't have to be pretty. There are very few on the bay, mostly overseas which adds up to a...
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    Ti Marin

    What do you think of this? ... NMARKETING 19” frame? Stem and parts don’t look original. Dodgy LX rear mech. Wheels original? Cantis look nice. Any views?
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    Reductions:General tat. Some decent, some cheap, some Karma

    Prices include P&P to mainland UK. 1. Marin Ovation A Head stem. Blue, 140mm, shallow rise. Scratched. £8 2. Marin stem, A-head,.Blue, 120mm, shallow rise. Pretty good. £8 3. KARMA-ED Avid AD-1.0L V-brake levers. Grey/black. Well-used £P&P Only 4. SOLD Avid AD-1.0L V-brake levers...
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    Marin Rockstar 750g Fork. 160mm-ish+ 1 1/8 threaded steerer

    Would you believe the frame painter lost my fork? Colour and paint condition doesn’t matter too much as it'll need painting matt black to match the frame he didn’t lose. Cheers for looking.
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    XT BR M-737 anyone?

    Just one required in silver.
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    What drives me to do it? 2.0mm brake cable:can I get it new?

    I made this rubbish purchase a couple of years ago of a 1992 Marin Pine Mountain, seduced by the colour scheme and presence of some old XT. Paid good money thinking it would scrub up but it was rotten to the core. Little was was usable, seatpost seized and even the mechs were too far gone...
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    Sorted thx :Someone out there must have an fd 750 31.8 mm

    Tidy one needed please to complete my new ‘reliable’ drivetrain for Mayhem.
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    XT 750 or close: drivetrain, mechs, shifters.

    Considering an upgrade for my Mayhem ride. Looking for decent nic kit. Prefer a 9 speed with square taper. Not sure what diameter front mech band off top of my head. What’s out there?
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    fc-mt60 deore crank arm Non-drive 175mm

    There was i merrily polishing a well-weathered drive side thinking I could chuck it on my commuter. Got it nice and then realised that the non-drive is cracked :facepalm: Please save me from a wasted effort.
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    £400 for a retro rear mech!

    Is this a record? Tell me it is... ... 0008.m2219
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    **Sold**Marin Muirwoods 91 Zolatone Great Example

    Hello Retrobikers. It’s not light but it looks great. Perfect for pub/about town bike. Seat tube 17.5” c-c Original except grips, tyres, cassette, chain, and one skewer which are relatively new. Great paint, no dinks or cracks. Some scratches on seat post and rust on some spokes. Most decals...
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    Modern life is rubbish! Help with hubs please...

    I have a late 90s frame to build up, disc front and rim brake rear, and am getting some wheels made. Got some 36H Ritchey Rock Pros coming from Roly on here and I’m thinking to go for modern hubs - Hope Pro4, taking 8 speed on rear. Question is what spec hubs do I need? Axle will be old skool...
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    Black rims/wheels. Late 90s Ritchey ideally

    I’m looking to end up with a wheelset with black Ritchey rims, a disc hub on the front and rim brake on the rear. Looking for tidy rims or complete wheels that take me in that direction. Thx.
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    Rotorhelp: 6-bolt Rotor Standards

    Are there different 6-bolt standards? If so, can one get an adaptor? My choice of alias was based on music rather than a knowledge of brakes. In fact I’ve never owned a disc bike until this 1999 Marin Nail Trail which came with, on the front, a Dia Compe 6-bolt rotor hub and a Dia Compe...
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    Specialized Tyre like this...wanted again

    Dirt Control/ Dirt Master or similar. Purchase was made but they were subsequently nicked so I’m looking for one/ two again.