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  1. jimwise68

    Finally got myself an E-Stay - Alpinestars Cro Mega

    Wasn't really a fan of the E-Stay, but after seeing a few on here I have ad an irresistible itch for one. Missed out on an Al Mega on FB Marketplace, but it was small and after doing some research it seemed the Cro Megas are more reliable. Bit of research and it boiled down to a Scott Evolution...
  2. jimwise68

    Wanted Direct mount front derailleur for Alpinestars Cro Mega

    Just received a 1992 Alpinestars Cro Mega DX. Need a direct mount front derailleur for it. Not fussed on whether it is a DX, LX or XT. Anybody got one they want to sell? thanks and happy Friday :)
  3. jimwise68

    1997 Marin Mount Vision is growing up tonight

    Big thanks to Matttymm for his patience on sending my new frame out. I have a 1997 original MMV but it is the small size. I only bought it as I have wanted one since they came out and haven't been able to find the perfect one. Today though the correct size frame has landed with me and the...
  4. jimwise68

    1997 Marin Mount Vision advert, anybody have it in one of their magazines?

    I know I am getting old but I remember seeing an advert for the Marin Mount Vision when it first came out. I vaguely remember it being in a forest scene near a river, I could well be wrong though. Does anybody have a magazine with that advert in they could take a picture of for me please...
  5. jimwise68

    Wanted Scott Evolution or Alpinestars Cro Mega wanted

    Looking for a frame and forks of Scott Evolution Pro or Super if anybody has one that they no longer want, or a Alpinestars Cro-Mega. Medium size please. thanks :)
  6. jimwise68

    Wanted E-Stay frame and forks (or complete bike)

    I have a hankering for an E-Stay bike. I nearly bought an Alpinestar Al Mega LX from FB marketplace, but pondered for too long as it was a bit small and lost out. What is about? thanks Jim
  7. jimwise68

    A single and lonely Ritchey Megabite tyre

    I'm looking for a single Ritchey Megabite tyre (WCS version if possible), condition not overly important but needs to be rideable. thanks Jim
  8. jimwise68

    Another new project arrives - Team Saracen Special Edition

    I really should stop looking on FB Market place. Saw an absolute bargain locally, of a bike I'm not too familiar with. A Team Saracen Special Edition. I remember Saracen back in the day but knew that they had had a similar fate to Muddy Fox. I did have a brand new Saracen Xile in 2002 but it was...
  9. jimwise68

    1992 Cannondale M1000 update

    I have a M1000 that I had up for sale, but no takers. So decided to give her a bit of an update. Bike was all original apart from the rear wheel that had been swapped out for a Mavic (with a non suntour hub). I had some coda cranks and blue annodised Dia Compe cantis that I had had on a...
  10. jimwise68

    Difficult things that turn out to be stupidly easy

    Just sitting here laughing at myself. I've enjoyed bikes ever since I could ride, age 4. I have a scar on my chin where I had stitches after crashing trying to jump across the width of a pavement, I was only about 6 and a massive Evil Knievel fan. In that time, the last 48 years, I have...
  11. jimwise68

    1995 Specialized Stumpjumper seatpost size

    I have just bought a 1995 Stumpjumper frame and forks and need to get a seatpost for it. Looking online and on there there seems to be a range of sizes mentioned; 30.4, 30.9 and 31. Does anybody have a normal 1995 stumpy who can clarify. It is the rigid version and Prestige chromoly, not a FS...
  12. jimwise68

    Delete please sold

  13. jimwise68

    1997 Marin Mount Vision

    Ok, so it is a '97 so just makes it into this section :) Finally picked up a 1997 Marin Mount Vision. I have a '98 in large but always wanted the 97 and in my size. I remember seeing an advert in one of the MTB mags when they came out and admiring how beautiful the shape was and how wonderful...
  14. jimwise68

    What are the difference betwen Mavic rims?

    So, probably a bit of a newbie question haha but what are the difference between 2, 3 and 5 series Mavic rims? I know the last two numbers are the width, so 221, 321, 521 are all 21mm wide but what is the first number for? Im presuming it is quality, if so is the lower better or the higher...
  15. jimwise68

    1995 Cannondale M500

    I've been after an Iceland Green/Pearl Hyper-Highlight Cannondale since they came out. FINALLY bagged myself one. The owner bought it new and has looked after it meticulously. He's now in his 60s and cant ride it anymore. I have swapped the Club Roost riser bars out he'd had on there (he'd...
  16. jimwise68

    Cannondale Coda bars

    Looking for a set of flat, silver, uncut Coda bars if anybody has some please. thanks Jim
  17. jimwise68

    Specialized Rockhopper 1997 -SOLD

    Got another bike on the way so this one has been sacrificed. Absolutely lovely bike in original condition, still with the Specialized tyres. Hardly used, marks from storage as would be expected but in great shape. All original parts as from the factory and to catalogue spec. SOLD More pix...
  18. jimwise68

    1994 Cannondale Killer V900

    Bought a very sorry looking Killer V through Facebook Marketplace. Guy had had it on ebay for a while and surpisingly no takers, looks like he had taken the frame and forks to Halfords and they kitted it out with all their cheapest components. It was well overpriced and it looked all wrong...
  19. jimwise68

    1997 Specialized Rockhopper

    Just picked up this little beauty from a lady local to me. 1997 Rockhopper in lovely original condition. Just needed air in the tyres and a handlebar stem height increaser thingumabob removing. Rides like new, will be my new daily rider. :)
  20. jimwise68

    XT M760 v brakes with M739 levers complete set front & rear

    I have a lovely set of XT V Brakes. M760 brakes with M739 levers. Bought for a build but not longer needed. Come with noodles and bolts. £65 posted