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  1. Tomianson

    Wanted Black XT

    Cheers. Have you got a link, I didn’t see those. T
  2. Tomianson

    Wanted Black XT

    Pretty simple really but I know some is hard to find. Hunting for some Black XT from 90/91 So: Br-m732 or Br-M734 brakes Black Xt hubs/wheels Fc-M730 As good condition as possible please. Not NOS. Thanks Tom
  3. Tomianson

    Sold Klein Attitude 1990 Redflare

    thanks, just pm'd you.
  4. Tomianson

    Sold Klein Attitude 1990 Redflare

    What size is it please? T
  5. Tomianson

    Sold XTR M900 canti brakes

    How much to ship to Uk please?
  6. Tomianson

    1991 Team Fat Chance, Yo Eddy project - completed

    Lovely. Who painted it?
  7. Tomianson

    BoTM BotM October 2021 nominations thread

    I'll get the ball rolling this month. Didnt get a chance to enter it last month, so here it is. Tomiansons 1993 Klein Attitude Graffiti. Full XTR build with some splashes of titanium. Went with understated class components to contrast the fuselage. Graffiti was an original Klein colour back in...
  8. Tomianson

    BoTM BotM September 2021 - The Vote

    Immense month, every one is stunning. Plumped for the Funk, it's ridiculous.
  9. Tomianson

    Withdrawn Stump jumper team 20” 1991

    For sale only or trade too?
  10. Tomianson

    HED rims !

    I need a front Cross country if anyone happens to have one tucked away?
  11. Tomianson

    Wanted 3dv parts for a 1993 Merlin

    3DV T Gear front hub?
  12. Tomianson

    Wanted HED Ringle Cross Country front wheel or rim

    bump. still looking.
  13. Tomianson

    For Sale 1997 Zaskar Fuselage SOLD

    A really nice 1997 Zaskar fuselage for sale. 19” frame, seat post is 19” c-c and top tube is 23” c-c. Really good condition. Nice and bright polished finish, no dents or cracks. Includes Kore Ahead stem and bars, Rockshox Judy XC forks, Thompson elite seatpost, saddle and bb. Thinking £275...
  14. Tomianson

    Wanted HED Ringle Cross Country front wheel or rim

    Exactly as it says above. Anyone got a spare front HED/Ringle cross country wheel? Thanks
  15. Tomianson

    Sold 1993 GT XIZANG 18"

    That’s lovely. Tempted.
  16. Tomianson

    Wanted XTR M900 Skewers

  17. Tomianson

    Wanted Black Turbo Saddle

    I’ve got one. Remind me tomorrow morning and I’ll send you pictures.
  18. Tomianson

    Wanted XTR M900 Skewers

    No problem I’ll send you some tomorrow morning when I’m back in the office, Cheers T