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  1. CTK

    1989 Koga Miyata Ridge Runner

    Very :cool: & incredible condition! I vote keep the saddle- it looks awesome
  2. CTK

    A Very British Klunker

    Lovely stuff. Original paint is super cool
  3. CTK

    Ovetburys Pioneer E - Stay (that needs forks) any info anyone?

    That green and black overburys is off the charts cool!
  4. CTK

    First Grafton, now Boone.

    Very cool
  5. CTK

    Wanted WTD 70s 80s Steel Trek Road Frame/Bike

    Thanks for the reply. I really like the Alu 1200s but I'm looking for an earlier steel model. (Edited the title)
  6. CTK

    Wanted WTD 70s 80s Steel Trek Road Frame/Bike

    56cm +/- Don't think there are many over here but worth a shot 😎
  7. CTK

    Team Fat Chance - bargain

    Love stuff like this! Why would you? Tbf the colours are good. There was a real Team Fat recently that was pro painted in the wrong colours.
  8. CTK

    Crazy lrg haro extreme in DageNham Essex £70

    A lot of bike for the money!
  9. CTK

    Tootyred's Feedback

    Bought a rear wheel, arrived quickly with supreme packing. Top man 💪
  10. CTK

    Sold Maura hs11 special brakeset

    Interested in these- pm on the way
  11. CTK

    Marin Mount Vision Pro Build

    You can only use rim brakes. Your choice of groupset will be limited by what rim brake wheels you find. If I were you I'd go with a 9 or 10 speed groupset as you will struggle to find rim brake 26" wheels that will take a cassette from the newest groupsets. (Unless you have the wheels custom...
  12. CTK

    Haro Werks DST

    Bought the XCT version aswell. Feels light. Paint not great- worse on the other side.
  13. CTK

    Merlin Malt, beautifully resprayed

    Awesome job. Fab looking bike 😎
  14. CTK

    For Sale Norco Sasquatch Frame plus other bits

    Yes still available. Approx 120mm - 150mm. It's a 2005 model.
  15. CTK

    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    SS Stumpy for bike trailer duties.
  16. CTK

    Very Early Cove

    Love this!
  17. CTK

    1988 Salsa Ala Carte

    A beaut
  18. CTK

    Tange bike..

    Not with the horizontal dropouts. Not sure what it is