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  1. Midlife

    Which brand of handbag should I get to my mother?

    The one with the scottie dog logo, had brain freeze about the real name....
  2. Midlife

    Four projects including a 753 Raleigh time trial special

    Seems sad if true but these were his dad's bikes... Collection only and for the taller rider. ... 7675.l2562 Shaun
  3. Midlife

    Mystery eBay Frame arrived

    Mystery frame arrived from eBay, listed as a Raleigh 531c Drilled lugs, bottom bracket, rear dropouts, single gear boss, no chainstay bridge, fork rake pretty straight. No Numbers stamped on the frame 531 sticker looks genuine as masked out, overspray on the EDCO headset. Seat post (27.2)...
  4. Midlife

    It had no chain stay bridge so I bought it ...

    As above :) The pics on the tablet show a black frame and that's about it. No chain stay bridge, vertical dropouts forks fairly straight and only a single over the BB cable guide. No idea what it is but it's 70's and sort of TT territory ...
  5. Midlife

    Lost my Shimano crank remover..modern equivalent?

    Afternoon :) Typical, I can't find my old trusty 22mm Shimano crank remover which I have had since the 70's :( Is there a modern equivalent I can find of good quality? I was looking at the Shimano TL-FC10. I guess it will work on all 22mm cranks (Shaimano / Campag / SR). Thanks Shaun
  6. Midlife

    SBDU frame sprayed with 18 carat gold paint........

    Hmmm...... glued on badge as well. ... 20edaf1fd8 It's been sprayed with 18 carat gold spray paint, decaled and lacquered. Being an ex-pro team racing frame it does not have a serial number, as is often the case Shaun
  7. Midlife

    Dust cap £250 !

    Yep, just the one Zeus dust cap.........a snip at £250 ... 2c8dc26b2b The rest of the stuff isn't cheap either. Shaun
  8. Midlife

    Wanted iPhone 4 or Moto G

    As title really. iPhone 4 or Moto G in reasonable nick, not worried about colour or memory as long as it works properly :) Cheers Shaun
  9. Midlife

    Campagnolo seat post off the schoolboy error

    Hmm. Bought a Campag seat post off e-bay for the Bob Jackson as all I could find was the one for my Falcon, not too bothered about the condition as I was going to have a go at drilling it like the 1970' one I can't find. Spot the schoolboy error......... :oops: (pic is from the e-bay...
  10. Midlife

    BT Internet down / Ebay rant

    Don't often have a rant but sitting here just a bit miffed as BT has been very flakey today and e-bay not working :( A Classic 1970's SR stem came up and I bid a miserly £10 to keep it in view and towards the end of the auction BT Internet gave in and it went for £10.07 ...
  11. Midlife

    I bought the forks....but what about the rest ?

    I came across this looking for some forks, they are in the background .......I have them in my office and looking to use them for a Carhall frame but what about the rest? £210 for a bike with some sort of welding to the rear seat stays? What's the seat stay treatment about? Shaun
  12. Midlife

    1" threaded forks for Carlton pro 1979

    Hello all As above really, I picked up a 1979 Carlton Pro frame but it had the wrong forks :) I'm on the lookout for something 70's with 207mm steerer ish. Fully sloping or Cinelli MC semi sloping style, forged ends, no mudguard clearance. I can swap for some chromed Zeus 2000 forks with a...
  13. Midlife

    Raleigh SBDU number 1167 ... 1426.l2649 1976-1977 SBDU frame as far as I can see, H stamped so a custom frame, typical 1970's lack of braze ons. Carlton Capella Lugs, only ever seen one with those lugs but as it was a custom frame you could pick what you like :) Too small for...
  14. Midlife

    1970's Holdsworth Pro frame sold for £411 ... ... 1435.l2649 Just curious if it's anyone on here who bought it as a I had a bid in for somewhat less.......... As you know I'm a 70's child and keep a look out, The Holdsworth frames I saw the Pro's ride in the late 70's had a "H" panto'd in the seat...
  15. Midlife

    £1,120 for a Falcon Fixie ? ... _633wt_959 I was watching this and was thinking about bidding as the frame is a bog standard Falcon san Remo track frame............. and then it went for £1120 !! Am I missing something here? Some form of Schill bidding? Shaun
  16. Midlife

    Sid Barras Falcon Frame... tempted if genuine.

    As above, don't think it sold. ... true&rt=nc I keep a lookout for Falcon Frames from the 70's. We sold them in the shop, Billy Holmes worked for them, I have a San Remo Road frame, the Track frame is somewhere...... but When I sort of left cycling...
  17. Midlife

    How to ask a question on e-bay so people can see it... SBDU

    Just a quick question about e-bay. ... 3f29abc621 Just chanced on the above and wondered how to ask a question.... just wondering why a Commonwealth Games Track Frame has a brake attached........ Shaun
  18. Midlife

    Just curious as to who Baz Senior is ?

    As title really. I'm just curious who Retrobike member Baz Senior is ? Rode for Raleigh as a Pro 1992-97 including on the Road Team. Shaun
  19. Midlife

    £2400's worth of 1960's Condor frame ... 232b790e85 I think I'd want something more special for my two and a half grand........perhaps even something from the 60's Shaun
  20. Midlife

    Someone on here rebuild my wheels?

    I'm looking for a pair of my wheels rebuilt......not worth a lot in money terms but mean a lot to me from a sentimental point of view. They are the first wheels I bought brand new, mixture of Saturday work and paper round. Suzue large flange on Fiamme, couldn't afford anything more expensive...