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    Nitto quill stem on LFGSS - perfect for drop bar project...
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    Saracen Conquest for sale on LFGSS forum...
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    Large Campagnolo water bottle

    Might be of interest for someone. Not a crazy price, but has had use so comes supplied complete with patina :)
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    Large Campagnolo water bottle

    Might be of interest. Will post in the Road section too:
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    Specialized Allez Epic on Facebook Marketplace £100. East London Complete random find amongst looking at race BMX's for my boy?!*
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    Nice 20min film about Tom Ritchey

    Saw this posted on LFGSS in the Ritchey bicycle owners and appreciation thread. ... cheyDesign ENJOY!
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    Lovely 80s Dale... ... Swfs5fFK2H
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    Où est le néon?

    Looks to be in great nick, apart from the lack of neon! :( The colour scheme was the whole reason why I bought one of these back in 1989! 8) ... SwSH9e-IgJ
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    Martrac with Campagnolo Euclid double U brake...

    ... however just don't look too closely at the chainset or the rear mech! ... SwOUNe9JC4
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    XTR Brake cable set from Hilary Stone

    Found this on Hilary Stones website... Would buy it as it's a great price, but have no bikes with XTR on them :)
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    Cheap GT Richter in Wallington, Greater London Still has GT saddle, toe clips & strap, flip flop stem, seat collar & QR, double locking headset and Megabite tyres... so could be a great donor bike with them parts, or just enjoy as it is! :)
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    Nice Peugeot Team SS jersery. Medium size

    Nice jersey at a good price and just under 2 days left...
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    Cinelli with Campagnolo Euclid :D
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    Roberts Cycles On Sabbatical and Moving...

    Haven't seen this mentioned in the forum before, but apologies if it has already been discussed (slightly old news) but some sad news from down Croydon way... Obviously quite a few mentions in the cycling press and cycling forums. Will be sadly missed, but don't...
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    Men's MBUK Salsa Cycles Been Bag UK race shirt. Jason McRoy

    A nice medium MBUK Salsa Cycles Been Bag UK race shirt. Spanking condition too... ... 2a5302a380 Ta! Tim
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    Fat Chance is back...

    Not sure if this has been already posted, but amazing news from the man himself: Ta! Tim
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    NOS Tyres. Panaracer Darts, Dart Magic & Smoke Lite NOW £25!

    I have a few NOS tyres for sale. Never been fitted to any bikes or ridden. These had been stored in cold dark basement of a bike shop since they took delivery of them from the importers back in the early 90's so have suffered no UV damage whatsoever. All the tyres and in great condition the...
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    1991 Trek 7000 - 18" £50 collected *SOLD*

    1991 Trek 7000 – 18” £50 collected from West London W5. Average condition for age. Hardly used for the past 15 years. Used in recent years for commuting to work in the snow and ice that has sadly caused some cosmetic damage to the frame due to gritted roads and me not bothering to clean it...
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    1990 Ridgeback 501 City Hybrid (perfect retro PUB BIKE!)

    Technically not a mountain bike but it does have flat bars and vaguely knobbly tyres so I’ve put it in this section of the forum! Rescued from a neighbour’s garage and it’s just too big for me to use: 53cm (21”) C-C or 56cm (22”) C-T Front tyre has perished and doesn’t hold pressure too...