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  1. hova

    Is it me, or is this an ugly looking bike?!

    One man's trash is another man's... trash? 🤣 And what's with the weird punctuation error in the "HT1's" name? What could having an apostrophe there in the name possibly accomplish? So odd!
  2. hova

    News Onza Octopus Reissue Tyres

    👏👏👏 Bravo John, that was the best one I've seen this year! 😂🤣😂🤣 (everyone knows they were only re-issued ONCE, never to be re-issued again... I am hoarding 50 sets in butterscotch myself).
  3. hova

    For Sale paul hartmann ram carbon fiber estay frame

    Wow, that is seriously cool... I haven't seen one of those in at least 20 years! Good luck with the sale!
  4. hova

    RED magura rim brakes needed

    Hey everyone... I'm looking for a new to nearly new set of red HS33 maguras... does anyone have a set? THanks in advance!
  5. hova


    Re: You have a pm :)
  6. hova


    Hi everyone... I'm looking for some spinergy DISC wheels... does anyone have a set? Or separates? Many thanks in advance! :D :D Hova
  7. hova

    S-BIKE 726 Anodised Purple size Medium 18"SOLD....

    Re: S-BIKE 726 Anodised Purple size Medium 18" You have a PM!
  8. hova

    Sram X0 gripshift,USE stem,XT rear **Reduced**

    You have a PM re the Atom stem, mate :D
  9. hova


    You have a PM on the tunes...
  10. hova

    Nitto NJS stuff - all gone

    You have a PM. Ergo and Zipp...
  11. hova

    1950s Claude Butler short wheelbase 531 racing tandem

    Yeah, it's my friend's shop... what a place, isn't it?!
  12. hova

    1950s Claude Butler short wheelbase 531 racing tandem

    Well, the time has come. Without a doubt, I'm going to regret this. My genuine reason for sale (as many of you know, I never sell any of my bikes! :)) is that my wife is a weeeee bit too short to be comfortable on this (she's 5'3", and while she's actually plenty tall enough/long enough...
  13. hova

    Magura HS66 drop bar setup.

    Argh, second in line if this falls through!
  14. hova

    Red U.S.E. Handlebar and Seat Post - Unused

    Hey mate. You have a PM.
  15. hova

    Cable disc brakes

    We've discussed this in quite a bit of detail recently, these links should help: First discussion thread: ... sc&start=0 Second one, where we "pointed" to the first thread: ... sc&start=0 In short, BB7s...
  16. hova

    Wierd stuff - Xmas gifts?

    you have PM. Toy for daughter :)