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  1. zerogravitas

    Collecting vintage kids bikes?

    Any opinions on the value (or otherwise) of vintage children's bikes? I was tempted by this lovely mini bike at my local charity furniture place, in amongst the rusting Argos and Halford rubbish. £25 was a bit steep but I wonder if anyone out there collects this kind of thing?
  2. zerogravitas

    Wanted Dura Ace 7401/7402 Brake Levers + dust caps wanted

    Hi all. I am after a good condition pair of the above, either the BL-7401 or 7402 brake levers. I'm also after the dust caps for a DA 7400 crankset. Hope someone can help!
  3. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    Hi all. Time for the next project. Back in the winter I got hold of this beautiful Mino Denti frame as a complete build from an LFGSS seller. There is limited information available on Denti frames, but I've had a hankering for one for a while as they have lots of lovely features, crimped...
  4. zerogravitas

    Mino Denti Pantographed parts wanted

    Hi all, long shot I know but thought I'd put it out there. I've just bought a very nice mid 80s Mino Denti Master frame and am looking for any Denti pantographed components people might have tucked away to suit it. I have a stem but i know there are shift levers and chainrings out there. Let me...
  5. zerogravitas

    Mystery Cromovelato 90s/2000s Atala Dedacciai buildup

    Hi all. This bike was my first real introduction to a proper/classically styled roadbike after a cheap aluminium Trek so it has a special place in my heart. Having said that I've used it pretty hard for a few years so I felt it was time for a well deserved total overhaul and some TLC. This...
  6. zerogravitas

    90s/00s Atala info wanted

    Hi all. I'm just about to do a full rebuild on this Atala I've owned for a few years. It was acquired from Romania by a friend who then sold it to me and I completed the build. Excuse the NDS shot. Its 58cm, built in Dedacciai Zero 18 MCDV6 HT - a heat treated, lightweight tubeset, frame and...
  7. zerogravitas

    Kirk Precision Road frame wanted

    As the title says. Let me know if you have one of these interesting frames/a complete build (ideally in 56cm). :) Cheers!
  8. zerogravitas

    Wanted - Water Bottles/Bidons Mavic & Vitus

    Hey all. I am after a couple of old water bottles, Mavic and/or Vitus branded from the 80s/90s. Let me know what you've got!
  9. zerogravitas

    Thorn Audax Mk1 refurb

    Hi all. This is an ongoing project at the moment - I was hankering after some kind of audax/fast touring frame for a while and bought this Thorn Audax Mk1 from the classifieds a few months back, pre lockdown. I had it blasted and was almost ready to paint when lockdown struck, so it's been in...
  10. zerogravitas

    Any recommended paint stripping folks in London?

    Hi all, I have a frame I am looking to paint and refinish myself, but whilst I have the kit required for that, I'm keen to avoid the mess of Nitromors etc in prepping the frame to begin with. Any London/roundabout forum members with recommendations for paint shops or anyone else who would...
  11. zerogravitas

    90s aero wheelset, Shamal/Vento/Tecno etc

    If you have a good condition, 700c, clincher wheelset of any of the above, or similar then let me know! Cheers.
  12. zerogravitas

    Vitus 992 project

    Hi all. After introducing myself I thought I should introduce my new project. :mrgreen: After reading a whole lot about the Alan and Vitus lugged aluminium frames I fell in love with their distinct industrial design style and the story of their development and long pro tour history. Already...