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    An Orange Prestige to pretend I'm 15 again

    My educated guess is the Bike Register. We have had our cargo bike done a few years ago when the Police came to our workspace and it looks similar to what they did to our frame underneath. However cannot seem to get them to recognise the number on your frame using...
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    Nitto quill stem on LFGSS - perfect for drop bar project...
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    1989 Koga Miyata Ridge Runner

    What a beautiful bike and such amazing condition!
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    Captain Stupido's Feedback

    Bought a pair of Tioga Farmer John's Nephew Tyres from Tom. Super happy. Exactly as described and well packed. Tom kept me up to date with package and was super helpful throughout buying process.
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    Another British Klunker/Tracker/Chunker?

    Looks awesome. What a great project! Loving the speedo! Looking forward to see what you do with this...
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    Raleigh Technium - Wigan - nice and original

    That’s lovely and the handlebars look uncut too! :)
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    Suggestions / recommendations wanted for frame refinishing

    Lots of conversations on LFGSS regarding spraying/powder coating of bikes. Should be able to use their search without joining I think. For instance there's this thread with 76 pages!!! Happy reading! 😜
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    Sold Tioga Farmer John's Nephew - nice pair

    Will PM you! Seen these on eBay!
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    Could this be 3D printed?

    100% printable. Need someone to recreate in 3D software and then needs to be printed in correct material that will allow it to be both durable (cable rub) but more importantly allow it flex enough to open up around the seat tube.
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    BoTM BotM September 2021 - The Vote

    Absolute bonkers selection of bikes. Will need to revisit numerous times to get my head around what to vote for! Thanks all for the amazing entries!
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    This item is no longer available... Assume a deal may have struck outside eBay? Hopefully it’ll turn up on here...
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    Good size for us shorties!
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    Saracen Conquest for sale on LFGSS forum...
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    Bikemi60 Feedback

    Enrico is an absolute star! Bought a Cinelli saddle from him and he managed to deal with all the post Brexit pain that it now required to ship items to the UK. Great communication, item was exactly as described and everything was well packed. Cheers!!!
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    Zinniness ...... lets build the dream, Project Flowers

    This is so A W E S O M E ! ! ! Has the man himself seen this yet?
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    For Sale 1986 F. W. Evans

    Same here! LOVE this bike, but sadly can not warrant buying it despite finding £200 cash in an envelope an hour ago. It was randomly in amongst my work sketches and I can only assume its from selling stuff in between lockdowns... ??? Good luck with the sale... it’s the right bloody size for me...
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    Overbury Pioneer - Any advice, information gratefully received!

    👆 That will keep Jim quiet for a while! 👍:D
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    Overbury Pioneer - Any advice, information gratefully received!

    This will attract some attention and also comments with it being used as a turbo training bike!!! The appearance of smooth welds are because it's not actually welded, but fillet brazed using molten brass to create smooth transitions between the tubes.
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    1992 GT Team Avalanche

    WOW!!! How clean is that??? Looks totally original apart from grips and rear brake pads? A friend had one and I was super jealous as I just had the Avalanche. The Midnight Aurora paint scheme looked SO good!!! Mind you I loved the 1990 Team Avalanche in Black Widow colour scheme. Was a great...