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    Wanted Disc compatible suspension forks

    I haven't as yet - they look a bit too fancy for the build I'm doing.. What is the asking price?
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    Cannondale r300 57cm

    I didn't see this reply I apologise, it is yes, I haven't been on here lately. lots going on but yes its still for sale
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    Sold Magura rim brakes & boosters

    Are these still available?
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    Wanted Disc compatible suspension forks

    I’m joining the dark side with a DIY electric bike.. Something tells me I’ll need a disc up front so looking for a functional pair of suspension forks. They don’t need to be ultra light or anything fancy as long as they work as should but something of a reasonable quality.. Cheshire or NWales...
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    Mavic 231 in silver 32 or 36h

    Hi, yes I do.. sorry for the delay
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    For Sale Girvin FlexStem & M570 V

    It’s 1” I didn’t even think to include this.. 👍
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    Hi, I’m really sorry I’ve only just seen this - yes, they’re still here

    Hi, I’m really sorry I’ve only just seen this - yes, they’re still here
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    Wanted WTD:26” Wheels - 20mm front / QR rear

    I have a deemax front that has been sitting doing very little for a long time, I initially wanted 55, but if you can make use of it and or want it, make me an offer
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    For Sale Girvin FlexStem & M570 V

    Nice order, these seem to becoming increasingly sought after. £40 posted M570 front RHS V brake in excellent condition.. No scratches or damage. Very light signs of use £28 posted
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    Sorted Shimano Deore XT - Cantilever Brakes - BR-M734 - Silver

    I have a set here, one of the spring units is currently awol, I’m hopeful it has just found its way into another hiding place. If the other chap can’t help let me know..
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    Wanted Hope C2 No.3 Caliper

    Righto, my hope knowledge is very limited, I’m a self confessed disc brake Luddite. The one I pictured was the remaining calliper from a pace rc36 kit. I just saw the no.3 and wildly jumped to an assumption. Now though, I know. The info is appreciated. Apologies to the OP for my stupidity 😬
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    Wanted *WANTED* mr crud dcd

    “One billion dollars!” I have no idea - on eBay etc they are £20-30 hth
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    Wanted *WANTED* mr crud dcd

    No probs, since posting earlier, I realised you can upload images - linking from photo bucket etc back the was the single most hear tearing experience of my life. I’ll update the post up there with a pic and wait to hear from the OP 👍
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    For Sale Mavic DeeMAX front UST 26" S-6000 (559x23) £55

    Used but silky smooth bearings, runs true & straight Cosmetically 7/10, needs a little TLC £55
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    Wanted Hope C2 No.3 Caliper

    Hi, I have this one..
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    Wanted Manitou 2 Top Caps

    No probs! I was considering doing the same but I just have so much else on - I know I’ll regret selling but that’s the way it is
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    For Sale U.G.L.I, Manitou 2 Shimano DX and WAM!!

    U.G.L.I steel forks in blue 168mm 1 1/8 steerer £75 Shimano DX pedals £40 Nice order, just the right hand side bearing is a little noisy and has a small amount of play Manitou 2 Forks £80 The elastomers need replacing however they are in very nice condition.. 1" threaded 190mm WAM D1...
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    Wanted Rigid 26" fork, threadless 1 1/8".

    Hi, I have a pair of U.G.L.I forks, in blue. Steel not the Ti version but incredibly light - steerer is 168mm from the forks race seat
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    Wanted Manitou 2 Top Caps

    i have a pair of complete forks, i know this in not what you're looking for but they may be of interest to you?