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  1. digitalkreation

    Oxidization / corrosion on Manitou 3

    Hey all, I've picked up a Manitou 3 fork which sat in a damp basement a while. Though it's not too bad, there's white specs all over the fork brace which I'd like to safely remove if it's possible. It's a textured surface, so my guess is that there's no sealant or coating on it - just the...
  2. digitalkreation

    Wanted Rock Shox Mag forks Seal Separator (part #70113)

    Looking for the seal separator and to anyone who may also have them, the vise clamp blocks (part #70107).
  3. digitalkreation

    WANTED: Mountain Biking December 1992

    There may be an article/review on a Barracuda model in this one I seek.
  4. digitalkreation

    WANTED: Barracuda Catalog - 1994

    Seeking both versions of 1994 catalog (original print or scans).
  5. digitalkreation

    Wanted WTB 1-1/8 Rock Shox Mag 20

    Need a 1-1/8” threaded steerer at least 6.9” in length. I have a steerer 5.2” can sell or trade.
  6. digitalkreation

    Wanted WTB 1-1/8 Control Tech (quill) Stem in Black

    Seeking a nice example. 1-1/8” Quill style Black Ideally would like something around 130mm
  7. digitalkreation

    ISO: Topline non-drive side Crank arm in RED

    Anyone have a minty example of a Topline non-drive side Crank arm in red? I've 2 drive side arms and will happily trade or pay cash. Need the non-drive side to complete a set for a resto.
  8. digitalkreation

    Shimano XTR BR-960 V-Brakes NOS

    For sale 1 complete set (front and rear) Shimano XTR BR-960 v-brakes. Condition is new. Never mounted. No blemishes of any kind. Comes with everything shown, including instruction & data sheet. $250.00 plus shipping (insured & tracked).
  9. digitalkreation

    Critical Racing Stem - 1 1/8” / Silver / 113 / Immaculate

    Selling a Critical Racing stem in silver. Has all the original bits. Immaculate condition. I’ve never mounted it. 1 1/8”, 113mm length, very little rise (5?) See pics - they tell the story. Asking $200 USD plus shipping (tracked & insured). Ask me about another identical stem which has a...
  10. digitalkreation

    Wanted: Boulder Defiant

    Looking for an old-school Defiant. I'd like the frame alone, but will consider a complete bike.
  11. digitalkreation

    Wanted: 1st Gen Turner

    Looking for a 1st generation Turner frame (will consider complete bike, but want to build it up myself).
  12. digitalkreation

    AUSSIE brand jerseys / clothing

    Hey all, Did this brand die off somewhere recently? I could have sworn I found their online presence not long ago, but a search today yielded nothing relevant to the clothing put out back in the heyday..
  13. digitalkreation

    Seeking image of Missy Giove Ad

    Hey all! I'm seeking an image or scan of an ad I believe was out in some MTB magazines back in 95/96 featuring Missy Giove at the Metal Man scrap/recycling yard, standing in front of, or on top of a pile of bike frames. I believe it might have been a Cannondale ad, but I could be mistaken...
  14. digitalkreation

    Help me identify these Nuke Proof hubs?

    Also seeking a little help in replacement of the bearings. Anyone know what size/model of bearing I'm seeking?
  15. digitalkreation

    Marzocchi XC600 Fork Crown/Steerer

    Looking for a pristine example of the Crown/Steerer for the Marzocchi XC600 fork. That's really all I need, although I will entertain a pristine fork in full also.
  16. digitalkreation

    Red Topline MTB Crankset

    Will consider blue, but fixated on red.
  17. digitalkreation

    Let's see everyone's twisted (or wrapped) spokes!

    Of all the topics I've seen posted, I haven't seen this one yet. Back in the day, I had a bike (not worth mentioning) and I had the spokes wrapped (or twisted, whatever your preference in calling the technique) and I absolutely loved the look. I'll be getting another wheelset done soon with my...
  18. digitalkreation

    Verlicci Frame / Red Swingarm

    Seeking either the frameset (preferred) or complete bike. Red swingarm preferred also but will consider others.
  19. digitalkreation

    WTB: Topline Cranks in Red

    Hey all, I know these aren't abundant, but I'm seeking a pair of Toplines in Red. I'm not really sticky on the length. I could settle I guess with a pair of Graftons also in Red, if anyone knows of a nice example.
  20. digitalkreation

    WTB: Crown/Steerer for Marzocchi XC-600

    So I've got my fork (thanks FMJ) but the crown has a crack, so I'll need to sort another. I can live with any sized steerer; I'll just press my own if I have to, but I'd like the crown to be as near flawless as possible. Oh, and if there's other crowns I am able to use, I'm happy to hear about...