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  1. digitalkreation

    WANTED: Barracuda Catalog - 1994

    Hi David, Yes sir I’m interested. What are you asking for it? Best, Mark
  2. digitalkreation

    Oxidization / corrosion on Manitou 3

    Hey all, I've picked up a Manitou 3 fork which sat in a damp basement a while. Though it's not too bad, there's white specs all over the fork brace which I'd like to safely remove if it's possible. It's a textured surface, so my guess is that there's no sealant or coating on it - just the...
  3. digitalkreation

    Wanted Rock Shox Mag forks Seal Separator (part #70113)

    Looking for the seal separator and to anyone who may also have them, the vise clamp blocks (part #70107).
  4. digitalkreation

    WANTED: Mountain Biking December 1992

    There may be an article/review on a Barracuda model in this one I seek.
  5. digitalkreation

    WANTED: Barracuda Catalog - 1994

    Seeking both versions of 1994 catalog (original print or scans).
  6. digitalkreation

    Wanted WTB 1-1/8 Control Tech (quill) Stem in Black

    Thanks for the reply! 26 quid all-in to Canada?
  7. digitalkreation

    Steerer Tube Swap Shop - shorter for longer! NO SALES!

    Seeking threaded 1-1/8" Rock Shox Mag crown/steerer (pref 92 but will entertain others) at 174.8mm or longer. I have one that's about 145mm. Happy to discuss trade/sale/purchase if applicable. Also happy to look at threadless, but will need to be quite long.
  8. digitalkreation

    2 x Mag 20/21 forks / parts

    Length of the mag20 steerer?
  9. digitalkreation

    Wanted WTB 1-1/8 Rock Shox Mag 20

    Need a 1-1/8” threaded steerer at least 6.9” in length. I have a steerer 5.2” can sell or trade.
  10. digitalkreation

    Wanted WTB 1-1/8 Control Tech (quill) Stem in Black

    Seeking a nice example. 1-1/8” Quill style Black Ideally would like something around 130mm
  11. digitalkreation

    ISO: Topline non-drive side Crank arm in RED

    Anyone have a minty example of a Topline non-drive side Crank arm in red? I've 2 drive side arms and will happily trade or pay cash. Need the non-drive side to complete a set for a resto.
  12. digitalkreation

    SEARCHING for blue Tune MTB Cranks (175mm)

    I don’t have one to offer you, I was just wondering if this brand is a re-badged Topline. Looks identical.
  13. digitalkreation

    SEARCHING for blue Tune MTB Cranks (175mm)

    Re-labelled Topline?
  14. digitalkreation

    Shimano XTR BR-960 V-Brakes NOS

    For sale 1 complete set (front and rear) Shimano XTR BR-960 v-brakes. Condition is new. Never mounted. No blemishes of any kind. Comes with everything shown, including instruction & data sheet. $250.00 plus shipping (insured & tracked).
  15. digitalkreation

    Has anyone heard from John Grafton?

    I heard from him around the same time - perhaps Nov. This was on Facebook. Try him there?
  16. digitalkreation

    Critical Racing Stem - 1 1/8” / Silver / 113 / Immaculate

    Selling a Critical Racing stem in silver. Has all the original bits. Immaculate condition. I’ve never mounted it. 1 1/8”, 113mm length, very little rise (5?) See pics - they tell the story. Asking $200 USD plus shipping (tracked & insured). Ask me about another identical stem which has a...
  17. digitalkreation

    The best retro E-Stay frame.

    Rocky Mountain Experience *not my pic*
  18. digitalkreation

    Wanted: Boulder Defiant

    Looking for an old-school Defiant. I'd like the frame alone, but will consider a complete bike.
  19. digitalkreation

    Wanted: 1st Gen Turner

    Looking for a 1st generation Turner frame (will consider complete bike, but want to build it up myself).
  20. digitalkreation

    AUSSIE brand jerseys / clothing

    Hey all, Did this brand die off somewhere recently? I could have sworn I found their online presence not long ago, but a search today yielded nothing relevant to the clothing put out back in the heyday..