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    For Sale ibis tranny bikes

    You got a bargain!!
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    For Sale Maxxis Ardent

    Maxxis Ardent exo dual 2.25″, folding bead, tubeless ready, average condition - £18 Price includes postage in UK.
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    For Sale Continental Trail Kings

    Conti Trail Kings, folding bead, black chili compound, tubeless ready. Continental Trail King Protection 2.2 Used, condition - 8/10 £20 Continental Trail King Protection 2.4 Used, condition - 6/10 £15...
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    Pace rc35 advice

    RC35's basically just had elastomers in the legs. Thats it. No damping or anything else, the elastomers provided natural damping qualities... There was a later model that was 'atmospherically balanced'. This meant it had a hole drilled in the leg near the bottom to let air out, and occasionally...
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    Sold Xc pro chainset

    Pm'd re chainset.
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    Mudguard recommendation for Modern(ish) front suspension bike

    Mudhugger work pretty well, they do a front and a rear. Front is good but I've not tried the rear one, looks like it would work well though.
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    Bump - anyone interested in the Ardents or the Conti's? All the Conti's are the good black chilli compound BTW
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    Paul Components Motolite v brakes - worth it?

    yeah speed dials should work well, or avid ultimates if you can find them :cool:
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    1998'ish (2017) Kona Honzo Ti

    Very nice, like it. Build sounds solid too, although those Hope wheels may be a little weighty.
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    Curtis Racelite - single speed jumper

    Nice, look forward to seeing this built up. I had a racelite BMX BITD and it rode very well. I'd definitely go singlespeed on it, gears would just overcomplicate things IMO especially if you are going to ride it as intended.
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    Paul Components Motolite v brakes - worth it?

    They do work well, but setup is key to avoid squealing I found. What lever are you pairing them with - Pauls again? I must admit I'm less of a fan of the love levers.
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    Mid noughties slingshot sestpost size

    I'm not sure, you could try asking on the mtbr thread if you don't get an answer here:
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    Spesh tyres sold - thanks.
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    New MK's sold - thanks.
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    Yep still available for now.
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    Photo of the Ardents: Photo of the Maxxis DHF/DHR/Shorty photo of the TrailKings photo of the MountainKings
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    Photos of the purgatory and butcher:
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    For Sale Pair Mavic 618 rims

    32H rim sold, 36H rim available on it's own for £25 posted in UK (can ship overseas but postage will be extra)
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    For Sale 26" tyre clearout

    Sad day but sold the last of my 26'ers so I'm letting my spare tyres I've been hoarding go. Postage will be a fiver per packet for as many tyres as you buy. Open to deals on multiples etc. I've not taken photos but tried to give marks for the conditon. None have tears in the sidewalls or...
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    For Sale Pair Mavic 618 rims

    Bump, I still have these if anyone wants to build a nice solid wheelset.