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  1. M-Power

    Bike shop auction in Lincolnshire

    I used to attend the one down in Wandsworth years ago. They had occasional random gems if you were lucky. Saw 10 working petrol go-karts sell for a few hundred once and a Mulliner Bentley for 2k.
  2. M-Power

    Bring out your multitools....!!!

    I have the same. No stuck BB is safe with these. Also have 2 Topeak Aliens but they tend to work loose which is a pita.
  3. M-Power

    Team Fat Chance - bargain

    When it comes to bikes I prefer the best rider/s. I will leave status symbols to Klein owners 😉
  4. M-Power

    1983 Mountain Goat

    BOTY winner IMO. A work of art 🥰
  5. M-Power

    Fat city/yo eddy gloves. Need info.

    Cant wait for these…been too long 😁
  6. M-Power

    First Grafton, now Boone.

    Just when you thought it was time to give up the bling habit 🤤
  7. M-Power

    Team Fat Chance - bargain

    Prob with auctions like this is you get too excited after a few beers, overpay, then end up with cr@p mostly. Wish they listed the stuff better, not that im buying anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. M-Power

    Fat city/yo eddy gloves. Need info.

    100% legit FCC merch. I had a pair of these bitd. What size are they ?
  9. M-Power

    Team Fat Chance - bargain

    I got my Submariner date from Mappin & Webb new in 94. I wear it all day everyday. Its gone through 40m diving trips, in and out of showers, pools, endless riding vibration. Its scratched and the glass is chipped but it has never been serviced, yet still keeps excellent time. Best £1750 I ever...
  10. M-Power

    For Sale Replica Ringlé Parts 3DV Turquoise Red Black and Silver.

    Apologies, I know this will upset some. This is rumbling on FB right now. You have said you will clearly mark these up as Reproductions in your next batch. Lets hope that IS the case. It’s cool to have unobtanium fragile retro parts made again at affordable prices. What is uncool is these not...
  11. M-Power

    For Sale Klein Attitude 18" Night Storm Frameset

    Lovely repaint 😎
  12. M-Power

    Team Fat Chance - bargain

    100% NOT a FAT 🤔
  13. M-Power

    The unicorn bike paradox

    My gut feel is that modern bike makers have identified and distilled out the main handling characteristics of the ‘best’ of classic retro. Its a long learning curve. Certain retro makers were better at this process than others, usually to the detriment of profitability. @clubby thats the key...
  14. M-Power

    Fisher titanium…….

    You better have a procto rectal surgeon on speed dial riding a frame like this 😖
  15. M-Power

    American Breezer

    Pure sacrilege. Those chunky coin welds are a ‘unique’ feature of these. Had one of those stems myself bitd. I prefer tiny neat welds but some builders can make a cool feature of large perfectly stacked coin welds.
  16. M-Power

    Fisher titanium…….

    Smh 😬
  17. M-Power

    For Sale Chas Robers White Spider 1992 17”

    OK Monty 3rd in line 👍
  18. M-Power

    For Sale Chas Robers White Spider 1992 17”

    Sale pending…. 😎
  19. M-Power

    For Sale Chas Robers White Spider 1992 17”

    £380 is what I paid for just frame and forks + shipping or collection. Its a ROBERTS…..Finest Classic British retro in MINT repainted condition. Will ask more on the bay shortly. Christmas is not far away, the shelves are already bare and Santa’s stuck in a container in China. MP
  20. M-Power

    For Sale Chas Robers White Spider 1992 17”

    Will need to confirm specs. Repainted by Chas’s legendary painter Vaz Finishes in 2017. Its mint as it has been in painters masking tape for years. Ridden only twice by the 5’7” wife this summer. Just a few tiny marks no dings or rust to the pristine white paint. Really stunning bike hand built...