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  1. captaincowelly

    Dura Ace 7800/7803 Triple crankset,Ultegra Headset,Royce Ti BB.

    Hello Road section! Not my usual theatre of operations but I have some very nice road components to sell for a friend,all NOS or VGC. My listings; Still uploading photos,should be done today.
  2. captaincowelly

    Some Hone/Deore LX/XT/XTR,Mavic XC717 rims,26" tyres,Genesis Ti Frame,Rockshox Revelation,Monkey Lite.

    My listings; Still uploading pics,should be done today.
  3. captaincowelly

    Some XT/XTR,26" tyres,Royce,Blackspire M950 spider adapter + rings.

    My listings; Still uploading pics,should be done today.
  4. captaincowelly

    Bit of NOS M952,M570,M739,M750,M760,M770,M8000,M970,26" tyres,Mavic rims etc. etc.

    My listings,last few bits of the treasured stuff; If you're an established member on here (i.e. joined before today) and you happen to bid/win an item,send me a message before payment.No promises but may be...
  5. captaincowelly

    Bit of NOS M950,M737,M739,X517's,121 Ceramics,Rolls saddle,WTB/Panaracers,DCD etc. etc.

    My listings,last few bits of the treasured stuff; If you're an established member on here (i.e. joined before today) and you happen to bid/win an item,send me a message before payment.No promises but may be able to do a...
  6. captaincowelly

    Recommendations for large parcel (bike) shipping?

    Looking to send a large (20kg,150x30x85cm) parcel to Guernsey. Trying not to strip the bike too far as it's only just been put together and would prefer to leave the back wheel in.Front wheel/stem/bars/seatpost/pedals removed.It seems the size exceeds the limit for a lot of the regular parcel...
  7. captaincowelly

    '94 Marin owners!Assistance needed!

    I sent my last 'Race Proven' seat tube decal to Ian at dnfive graphics for his files.He's done a cracking job of reproducing it.He's picked out some details on mine that I never noticed,regarding the way the decal has been stretched to make it oval.Mine below; The 'G' looks a little crooked,the...
  8. captaincowelly

    Orange Aluminium O info needed

    Orange not my area of expertise,unless you count my "It's too Orangey for crows,it's just for me n my dawg!" recital. 🌴🍊🧃🚶‍♂️🐕🌿🦅🦅🦅🌞🌴🌱 I'm looking to source an Aluminium O for a good mate/work colleague.Very well travelled,groundbreaking pioneer in the whelking industry (true!😂),general legend.He...
  9. captaincowelly

    Help needed!Who was looking for Sean Palmer Stroker FS Ti Forks?

    Bought these some time ago on here; Had plans at the time,have since decided my stable is complete.I was contacted by a member on here looking for a set,no longer have the message.Thery don't come up very often...
  10. captaincowelly

    '94 Marin Indian Fire Trail Restored,mint.

    My restoration,only just completed,unridden since; Build thread here; Won't make back the time/money spent but someone will be very,very happy with this.If...
  11. captaincowelly

    Captain Cowell's '94 Marin Indian Fire Trail

    Around 5 years ago I was working away on a particularly long shift and spotted this on eBay.Already had most of the components I needed to recreate the '94 IFT of my youth but lacked a nice set of Rockstar forks.Paid around £150,planned to pick it up on the drive home,Ramsgate to Grimsby. Then...
  12. captaincowelly

    Captain Cowell's '92 Alpinestars Cro Mega DX

    So,my first build thread😬.Although the Cro Mega wasn't the first retro bike I set my mind to building,it was a bike that I owned back then and always kept an eye out for. At 17,after saving my labouring/gardening round money up (£370 iirc)I took delivery of my first self-bought 'decent' MTB,a...
  13. captaincowelly

    107mm v 110mm BB Compatibility

    Fitting M563 (Standard) cranks on a ‘94 Marin IFT.Should Have a 107mm BB (same size used with M737 cranks also) but I have a good 110mm to use. Anyone fitted a 110mm to a 107mm setup?Any issues?Can’t imagine the difference would be enough to cause problems but wanted to check.
  14. captaincowelly

    For Sale Captain Cowell's Karma-larder Free-nominal Love-spreading Ding-Dong!.....

    ....for redistribution through this fine institution,a Retrobike site inspired Ping Pong!🏓 Help out yer mates,be they veterans or newbies,give a boost to the good 'un who just ain't got the scoobies, Put a smile on a face,pass on a favour,with a positive vibe and a Retrobike flava...
  15. captaincowelly

    Selection of NOS canti pads

    Ends in a few hours,currently at a good price.
  16. captaincowelly

    NOS M736,M737,M739,M900,M950,M952,Mavic,Ritchey etc.

    Bit of allsorts,cassettes,brakes,hub components,rims etc. Link in my signature below. :D
  17. captaincowelly

    NOS M750/M760/M770/M970,Mavic,Ritchey,Saracen Kili Flyer

    Bit of allsorts in this batch,mechs,cassettes,brakes,rims,bars etc.Mostly NOS. Also 07 Saracen Kili Flyer 3 frame. Ebay link in my signature below. :D
  18. captaincowelly

    More of my shite...NOS/VGC XTR/Mavic/XT/Bontrager/Spec./CODA

    Still clearing.EX721's,ceramic n non ceramic,317's,517's,NOS FSR frame+extras,etc etc. Link to XTR 9020 Pedals; See other items.....if you like! :wink:
  19. captaincowelly

    More of my shite...NOS/VGC XTR/Mavic/XT/Bontrager/Spec./CODA

    Next batch of mine.217 ceramic/non ceramic rims,M950,M739,Race Lite wheelset etc etc. Link to M950 Freehub; See other items........or don't. :lol:
  20. captaincowelly

    NOS/Mint XTR M950/1 V Brake calipers trade.

    Long shot I know but here goes, I'm looking for a pair of early NOS/mint M950 V brake calipers.The type I'm looking for (1st picture below) have the silver parallelogram links.I think these all came with a round section spring,later being square. To trade I have either a mint M951 pair (pic...