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  1. SpecializedSworks15

    For Sale MANITOU 2 suspension fork steel spring repair & restoration kit springs

    Hi, could I take, 2.) Spring tension kit suited for riders around 100 kg + (200 pounds +) kind regards
  2. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted Marin Pine Mountain 1993 or Eldridge Grade 1993 19inch

    On the look out for a Marin Pine Mountain 93 or Eldridge Grade 93 frame or complete bike. must be 19inch and frame being half decent. thanks
  3. SpecializedSworks15

    For Sale Shimano Deore XT M732 Rear QR Levers NOS X12

    I’ll take a pair please matey
  4. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted XT 735 rear mech long cage

    Friday bump
  5. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted XT 735 rear mech long cage

    In need of a XT 735 rear mech long cage. decent condition please. 👍🏽 cheers
  6. SpecializedSworks15

    For Sale Ringle H2O turquoise / 3dv. Original no repro.

    Interested in both if sales full through 👍🏽
  7. SpecializedSworks15

    Sold XLite Fly / RC130 bars/ Pace forks / Pace wheels

    Pace h/bar measurements please .
  8. SpecializedSworks15

    1993 Marin Pine Mountain...... slightly different this one!

    Nice build Nic 👍🏽….. I like it
  9. SpecializedSworks15

    Marin Bar Ends (NOS) and Bottle Cage

    Pm Marin bar ends.👍🏽
  10. SpecializedSworks15

    Show us your Marins

    Thanks Dude, yeah purchased off Christian in Germany, purchased a Marin frame off him before, a Marin Team FRS 93 20.5 sadly it was to big for me. Top guy by the way! Bogi on RB 👍🏽 There will be more once shifters & cantis, grips are fitted.
  11. SpecializedSworks15

    Possible Eldridge Grade frame

    Marin Eldridge Grade 1993 👍🏽
  12. SpecializedSworks15

    Show us your Marins

    Marin Indian Fire Trail 1993 Answer A-Tac stem Hope front/rear Hubs laced on Mavic 231 rims. XT groupset except the DX crank. Purple Onza chill pills & Ringle purple seat clamp, foam ritchey grips cables to be fitted 👍🏽 Will swap out the Kalloy 31.4 seat post but for now it will stay Until...