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  1. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted Marin Pine Mountain 1993 or Eldridge Grade 1993 19inch

    On the look out for a Marin Pine Mountain 93 or Eldridge Grade 93 frame or complete bike. must be 19inch and frame being half decent. thanks
  2. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted XT 735 rear mech long cage

    In need of a XT 735 rear mech long cage. decent condition please. 👍🏽 cheers
  3. SpecializedSworks15

    Sorted 7 Speed Screw On Freewheel 12-28 Tooth to fit Hope hub

    After… 7 Speed Screw On Freewheel 12-28 Tooth to fit a Hope 1993 hub. Thanks
  4. SpecializedSworks15

    Sorted XT M095 STI brakes/shifters sited

    Looking for a set of XT M095 STI brakes/shifters cheers
  5. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted Shimano Deore XT Thumb shifters SL-M732 3x7/8

    After Shimano Deore XT Thumb shifters SL-M732 3x7/8 cheers
  6. SpecializedSworks15

    Sorted Shimano Deore XT - Cantilever Brakes - BR-M734 - Silver

    After a set of Shimano Deore XT - Cantilever Brakes - BR-M734 - Silver Cheers 👍🏽
  7. SpecializedSworks15

    Sorted Marin 1993 580mm handlebar SORTED

    Hi Guys, Desperate for a Marin 1993 handlebar 580mm uncut please. Thanks Darren
  8. SpecializedSworks15


    Wanted : Answer Hyper Lite Easton-EA70 MTB 3DV or silver uncut. Thanks
  9. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted MAVIC 117,231 wheel set silver/black DX,XT,XTR.

    Wanted, Mavic wheel set 117,231 laced on DX, XT or XTR hubs must be good condition. silver, black or grey. Thanks
  10. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted Manitou 1/2 sus fork 1.1/8th

    Hi, Manitou 1/2 sus fork 1.1/8th to fit a Marin 19inch frame (12cm head tube) elastomers good to 👍🏽. Thanks
  11. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted 3dv / Silver Quill Stem 1.1/8th -25.4

    Hi guys, In need of a quill stem 1.1/8th purple, 3dv, silver ti 👍🏽. Cheers
  12. SpecializedSworks15

    Wanted Ringle skewers Any Condition

    After a pair of Ringle skewers black/silver non ti what ever the condition. cheers
  13. SpecializedSworks15

    Cannondale Mountain Bike M1000 91/93 frame or complete bike

    Searching for a Cannondale Mountain Bike M1000 Frame only or complete bike. Cheers
  14. SpecializedSworks15

    MAVIC 231 wheelset - Hope hubs or XTR m900

    After a pair of Mavic 231 laced on Hope hubs or XTR m900. Cheers
  15. SpecializedSworks15

    Marin Eldridge Grade 1992 stem

    Hi guys, Anybody got a Marin Eldridge Grade 1992 stem. Thanks :D
  16. SpecializedSworks15

    Steel ringle skewers Ti lookalikes

    After a cheap pair of steel ringle or lookalike skewers any condition considered. Thanks
  17. SpecializedSworks15

    WANTED MARIN 1993 Eldridge Grade or Pine Mountain

    As above MARIN ELDRIDGE GRADE or PINE MOUNTAIN 1993 Or above in the Marin line up ideally excellent condition. I’d be interested in a 1993 fuselage too. 17.5/19inch Thanks
  18. SpecializedSworks15

    Ringle 3dv w/bottle cage & Ringle 3dv holey skewers .

    Ringle 3dv Ti holey skewers W/bottle cage Cheers
  19. SpecializedSworks15

    Answer A-Tac A head 1.1/8 stem silver or purple.

    Looking for Answer A-Tac 1.1/8th Ahead stem Silver or Purple Thanks
  20. SpecializedSworks15

    SORTED.........XT m737 34.9 bottom pull front mech

    Xt m737 34.9 bottom pull please. Thanks Sorted thanks Chris :D