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  1. Jupke

    Ritchey Rock SC rims… good, bad, decent?

    Hi Frank, These are good , sturdy rims. Came standard with the '96 RM Blizzard. See ... nents.html Cheers, Ben
  2. Jupke

    1993 Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

    Holy cr*p Frank, you sure hit the jackpot with this one! Excellent colorscheme, beautiful details. Congrats mate 8)
  3. Jupke

    Brodie Sovereign

    I'm sorry Frank not the faintest sign yet about the "whereabouts" :( Only roadracing these days on a far to modern bike for this community :D Seeing that Sovereign however made me think it would be nice to have a retro bike again. With that in mind: if you ever should decide this particular...
  4. Jupke

    Brodie Sovereign

    Wow Frank! That one is on my list too. Congrats.
  5. Jupke

    my bikes stolen :-( ...and found :-)

    Really great news Ben !!
  6. Jupke

    my bikes stolen :-( ...and found :-)

    Re: my bikes stolen :-( Gutted for you Ben. Can guess what you're going trough. Happened to me some 18 months back. Hope they turn up soon and unharmed. Meanwhile I keep an eye out for you.
  7. Jupke

    show us your Rocky Mountains!

    Lovely !!
  8. Jupke

    Rocky Mountain Altitude - just put on Ebay

    " I " stands for Ishiwata, a Japanese framebuilder and/or tubing manufacturer if I remeber correctly.
  9. Jupke

    Rocky Mountain Ti-bolt

  10. Jupke

    Rocky Mountain Blizzard 1996

    Travel would be 63 mm. Original came with a Rock Shox Judy XC.
  11. Jupke

    15th Anniversary (1996) Rocky Mountain Blizzard

    Nice catch Frank! Brings back memories. As for parts: black, silver and a hint of red anno.
  12. Jupke

    Avid Arch Supreme Instruction Manual PDF - FOC

    RB already provides a copy ... h+Supreme/
  13. Jupke

    Clean Serotta T-MAX reasonable BIN

    Bike was mentioned here a while back : ... sc&start=0
  14. Jupke

    My three Rocky's have been stolen

    Bump :)
  15. Jupke

    My three Rocky's have been stolen

    Finaly finished the parts list of all the bikes. Will ask an expert to confirm the value and than hand it over to the insurrance company. To be honest I was really surprised what kind of money went into this over the last years.
  16. Jupke

    My three Rocky's have been stolen

    Thanks guys. That's. Really helpfull. Will look into it next week. That's 10% of a new high end bike.
  17. Jupke

    My three Rocky's have been stolen

    Thanks guys. Good to know there are some people on the watch for me. Have been contacted by the insurance company. They are willing to pay 10% of the value of an equal bike from 2011. Don't really know how to compare a collectors-item to a modern bike. Are there any experts out there...
  18. Jupke

    My three Rocky's have been stolen

    Hi Guys, Found out today my three Rocky's and a Trek 5200 RR bike were stolen from my appartments storagebox. Spread the word please. Cheers, Ben
  19. Jupke

    Wanted - Sunn Brubz 2 Rear Hub (French brand)

    And another bump :lol:
  20. Jupke

    Holland Retrobike ride 3.01 edition sep 2011 page 3

    Should be september 11, 18 or 25. ... 18&t=80566