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  1. Brotrob

    Wanted Where can one find THAT stem?

    Hey dear Retro Bike community, I am looking for this stem, it's a steel one, used by Cannondale in the early 90s, e.g. on the M600, M700, M800 1993 and also on some early M900, M2000 and M500 in 1995. Its 130 - 135 or so mm, and has only one screw at the handle bar, and also one only at the...
  2. Brotrob

    Wanted Looking for 1995 Cannondale M2000

    Hey all, I am looking for a well-preserved (no dents, no corrosion) frame set (frame and fork, or complete bike) of the Cannondale M2000 from 1995, in this colour scheme: Ideally size L (picture to the right): Please send me a PM if you got one and are open to selling it :) PS: I am only...