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    Chris King head set

    Hi I'm after a two nut Chris King head set black in colour and needs to be an inch diameter,,must be no logo if possible and very good condition or new..thanks,,,
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    Green thing

    another yo eddy,,,the harlequin is still at painters :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: belonged to Herman the German and built mostly silver, waiting on yummy wheels to arrive going with silver and black , Syncros cranks and good ole xtr Parts needed 29.4mm Syncros or Ringle black seat post...
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    Small rubber o ring

    Any one know ware I can get little rubber washers that go with grafton brakes also ones that go on Ringle q,r and seat post clamps Many thanks 8)
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    Items needed ,,,

    Hi I'm after a 31.6mm black Ringle seat post must be in great condition and uncut,,also a top pull xtr m900 f/m 31.8mm and a 29.4mm seat post black ,,Ringle Syncros etc..must be in good condition Many thanks gaz
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    New build coming,,,nearly done

    Yo eddys is moving slow but I did say I'm not the fastest with my builds :oops: :facepalm: One of my old time wish bikes arrived on site so had to be done pictures of sexy build to come sooooooon this will be built before :xmas-big-grin:
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    Ringle hub help

    Hi I've got a Ringle hub and I'm looking to strip it down so I can have shell reanodized ,do I need any special tools and does anyone have a manual on how to remove axel and bearings,,, Thanks for any help gaz
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    Black hubs.

    Hi I'm looking for 32 hole front and rear hubs,,Ringle be first choice , Chris King etc...must be mint condition 8)
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    Bottom brackets

    Hi I'm after some advice ,,I know the shell width on frame but is there a secret as to working out the length of the crank to get clearance so chainset misses the chain stays,,, :oops: Any advice welcome 8)
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    Chris King wheels swap

    Hi I've a set of deep blue Chris King hubs non disc , wheels with sun rims in really good condition..I'm after a pair of 32 hole Chris King hubs or Ringle hubs in black ,
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    I feel a build coming

    Big box arrived today, something green and blue and extremely well wrapped , thank you James,,, Hoping to complete quicker than the Merlin, :oops: waiting on few products to arrive and mr wadsy expert help with stripping and rebuilding forks after a visit to painters. Fingers crossed may be...
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    Parts needed sorted for now

    Hi all I've just brought a yo eddys frame , I'm on lookout for m900xtr sti units front and rear mechs, set wheels seat post headset etc , must be in as good condition as Poss Many thanks gaz :P
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    Quality frame painters

    Hi I'm after a quality painter, be great if any retro members know and would recommend one that they have either used or know does good work.. Thanks gaz :D
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    Seat clamp

    Hi I'm after a 31.8 mm seat clamp in black, salsa lip lock be great but others considered ... :D thanks coloured also..
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    94 manitou hardtail

    Crack free hard tail frame , seat post ,front mech , manitou stem and manitou four forks. Any idea as to fair price,,,ile post picture later Thanks gaz ,,,one carfull owner ,,,, :lol:
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    Xt rd

    Hi I've been lucky to have taken new ownership of a orange clockwork from feller retrobiker,,,thanks feller!!! 8) I'm after a xt rear mech to match the front one I have on bike, must be good condition , I have money or poss trade xtr rear mech for it Many thanks gaz :D
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    first steel bike orange

    hi well after seeing max p loverly orange clockwork thought ide take plunge into retro steel :D bikes in really great original condition, plan strip her down to metal maybe powdercoat or paint not sure yet want stay black but with orange rear end,,, :? :? :?, suspension maybe ,,still got the...
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    woops wrong place :oops: :oops:
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    does anyone do replacement wiper seals for pace forks,,,,they sit in the tops of the outer legs,,,,,thanks for help :D
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    Manitou crown

    Hi I'm after a manitou four inch eight crown , can put reducer cups in frame so I can fit smaller headset , inch quarter seem hard to find . Can trade forks either pace or rock shox or good old cash Thanks gaz
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    pace ridgid forks

    not sure what year so if in wrong place sorry...would like 100 pounds plus postage or offer if needed for a retrobike build thanks gaz